Why Do You Need a Social Web Strategy?

In our first article on developing a social media strategy, we discussed the weaknesses of television, print and radio advertising. While social media is still developing as a marketing strategy, marketers must get heavily involved now. By waiting, you are giving your competition the time needed to develop a strategy to attract your customers and develop a competitive advantage. Once this happens, you will have to spend more resources to win your customers back.

This article discusses how social media can be used to generate new customers and incremental business. In addition to providing predictive marketing analytical models, we also offer social media research and tools to help you develop a positive global reputation online. This includes web development, search optimization, website tranlation and localization services in over 30 languages.

Word of Mouth Recommendations

Through social media, companies can develop a powerful Word of mouth (WOM) marketing strategy. Regardless of the size of your company, there is a strong possibility that it has been discussed on social media web sites. So what do potential and existing customers think about your company and its products? Lets imagine that you service automobiles. A consumer doing a simple search on Google may not find recommendations from sources they personally know or trust. Instead, they will likely find reviews that may be sponsored and provide biased opinions. But if you perform a search on social networking sites, and you might find opinions from sources you know and respect.

Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool

Social media web research is an ideal way to learn more about your customers. By tracking online discussions, can easily find customers and potential customers to learn what they do online, find out their interests and determine the characteristics of other people that they converse with. Because research suggests that people are five times more likely to buy a product if their friends recommend it, friends of your customers are a great target market.

While you may not be able to get full details of your customer’s contacts from websites like Linkedin, FaceBook and MySpace, you can acquire valuable marketing insights. When you set up an account and ask to become friends with a customer, you will generally be accepted, if they have had pleasant experiences with your company. Through this connection, you have new opportunities to identify their friends and further strengthen your marketing efforts.

Be Genuine and Transparent

When building your social media strategy, avoid making unsolicited requests for friendships. Doing so can result in rejections, being banned from making future contacts and a negative reputation. Instead, concentrate your efforts on developing good content that you can send to friends. As more people value your posts, they will want to become your friend. Additionally, you might include open invitations on your website to join your friends network on myspace, facebook, Linkedin and other sites.

As a word of caution, always be transparent in your online communications. This is critical when building trust. Never try to disguise who you work for or make comments about your company or a competitor under a false identity. Too many times companies have tried this and have been humiliated and received bad pr.

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As the economy turns, small and medium sized business are increasingly looking to expand into new markets and seeking high quality language translators who can localize web content, marketing collateral and other documents. However, many language translation buyers have found it difficult to get high quality translations, professional service and reasonable rates with a quick turnaround.

THE MARKETING ANALYSTS is based in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and provides a one-stop, high quality and low cost solution for your special marketing and professional translation needs.

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Why Do You Need A Social Web Strategy?

If you haven’t started a blog already, you need to get on the bandwagon. It’s a different world today and you simply can’t rely on television, print and radio to reach you intended market anymore. In fact, according to a recent research study, only 18-percent of television advertising actually provides a positive return on investment. Further, while total viewership has remained the same the number of channels continues to grow and fragment the market. With a reduction in newspaper subscriptions, print advertising can be equally inefficient. Even commercial radio seems to be taking a hit as more listeners make the switch to commercial free satellite radio.

Today, people don’t want to be sold and they are doing their best to avoid commercials. Instead of watching television and listening to the radio, consumers are increasingly surfing to the social web and discussing the things that interest them.

To be successful, marketers need to embrace the trend towards social media. Successful marketers are finding new ways to aggregate customers by providing unique content, building websites that people want to visit and then participating in public forums and direct traffic to their sites. For example, if you are a food processor your marketing people need to be participating in online cooking forums. If you are an air conditioning manufacturer, you need to be participating in forums that attract contractors.

In upcoming articles The Marketing Analysts Translations Company will discuss how to develop and implement effective strategies for capitalizing on the social web. In the meantime, we encourage you to learn about our search optimization and website design services.

Ensure the Success of Your New Product Line

The Risks of Product Line Planning
As a manufacturer, there are many important decisions that must be made when introducing new product lines and making product lines changes.In addition to product development and marketing costs, most retail chains require slotting allowances regardless of whether your product is a hit or a flop.In many cases, these slotting allowances can run from $10,000 to $40,000 or more per item.

While some industry experts advise manufacturers to build the slotting fees into the cost, the competitive environment won’t permit it.Further, while some retailers may provide trial terms, under these programs the manufacturer must still agree to invest in expensive merchandising packages that may include in-store radio, newspaper advertising.

What is Strategic Product Line Planning?
Strategic product line planning involves a proactive marketing research technique that determines the optimal set of product combinations (ex: such as colors, flavors, scents, sizes, etc.) that minimize marketing risks (retail space limitations, stock-outs, poor visibility, etc.) and maximize the difference among items to avoid perceived similarity.This approach provides manufacturers with answers before they invest in product development and marketing launch plans.

A Real World Example
Smokey Forest Bratwurstis considering the introduction of a new line of low-fat Bratwurst.Currently, their R&D kitchen and Marketing department is considering the recipes from 18 SKU’s to include in the new line.However, the Marketing department has a limited budget and needs to narrow the initial offering to the 3 to 5 SKU’s that offer the greatest uniqueness, highest potential for profitability and strongest consumer appeal over the entire product line.

The Strategic Product Line Planning Solution
Our research method uses a sophisticated analytical procedure that evaluates the economic utility of each item in conjunction with all possible combinations of SKU’s being considered.By using mathematical game theory, we derive scores for each SKU being considered with respect to all possible SKU’s.Once the scores are ranked, the set of SKU’s offering the highest scores represents the priority for inclusion into your optimal product line.

In addition to providing the brand manager with strategic decisions at the R&D stage, our Strategic Product Line Research provides a roadmap for success for the future addition of SKUs.


THE MARKETING ANALYSTS was founded in Dallas, Texas and has satellite offices in Naples, Florida; Bulgaria; Germany; Egypt and Russia to provide a one-stop solution for high quality, low cost solutions for your special marketing needs.Initially launched as a marketing research company, we now provide a variety of integrated marketing solutions including web site design, search optimization, proofing and language translation services.Our team is highly talented and consists of Marketing Ph. D’s, Marketing Managers, Mathematicians, Computer Science Engineers and Language Translators who hold advanced degrees from respected universities known around the world.

With direct access to highly skilled talent pools in eastern european, we are able to leverage all activities to effectively meet each of our client’s unique objectives.

Our strategic mix of marketing-based services include:

Quantitative Services:

·Analytical Marketing Research

·Predictive Marketing Models

·Advanced segmentation

·Predicitive Data Mining and AI

International Translation & Localization Services:

·Medical Records

·Websites with Search Optimized Content

·Marketing/PR Collateral

·Academic Files

·Industry specific documents


Web Design & Development:

·Search Optimization

·Dynamic Websites

·Predictive Ad Response

Our unmatched professionalism and commitment to achieving results guarantees the highest level of client service, every time. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

The Perfect Ad Design That Maximizes ROI

Advertising is still one of the most effective promotional strategies. Unfortunately, for many companies it doesn’t payback. To ensure your success, THE MARKETING ANALYSTS offers advertising concept testing for the web that uses technology that predicts success.

A countless number of companies, services and products will fail this year, not because of poor quality but because they poorly promoted. In many cases, consumers won’t know where to find these products or understand the usefulness they provide because a good promotional strategy was never developed. How can a company know if a big investment in an advertising campaign will achieve its objectives?

Our advertisement testing research works by evaluating each of your concepts and then reveals the optimal ad design (headline, theme, offer, placement, color, size, etc.) that will produce the best return on your campaign investment.

Our research procedure is based on proprietary software that allows us to rapidly, accurately and efficiently identify the right advertisement design that will to optimize your ROI

The Pitfalls of Advertising Research – TOMA, Focus Groups, etc.
Most advertising firms don’t even conduct real advertising research. Even among the “large advertising” companies, only a few conduct statistically valid, “share of mind” or “TOMA” Top of Mind research. While these methods can offer interesting insights, they have significant weaknesses. For instance, neither method accounts for experiences that occur under the real life conditions of time limitations and competitive pressures. Generally, these research methods are only useful after a campaign has been launched and aren’t designed to provide future.

A few advertising firms may also conduct “focus groups” and “interviews” that provide qualitative data. While the comments may be interesting, they can be misleading if respondents aren’t chosen wisely.

Predictive Ad Research / Ad Design Analysis
Our testing takes place under real world conditions and identifies the optimal advertising response stimuli. As a result, our method is clearly superior inexpensive and can be conducted quickly and inexpensively.

Marketing Forecasting and Segmenting using Neural Networks

What is Predictive Data Mining?

Predictive Data Mining combines data warehouse with advanced multivariate statistical analysis and artificial intelligence.The artificial intelligence is gained through the use of a neural network, a powerful data modeling tool that is able to capture and analyze complex input/output relationships for the prediction of future customer behavior, classifying customer segments and forecasting events.Today, predictive data mining has become an essential tool for strategic decision making at many mid-size companies and large corporations.

Like a human brain, a neural network acquires knowledge through a training process and its knowledge is stored within inter-neuron connection strengths known as synaptic weights.When trained and deployed correctly, perceptron (MLP) neural networks, sometimes used by THE MARKETING ANALYSTS provide superior results when analyzing linear and non-linear relationships.

How are Marketing Neural Networks Being Used?

Right now, there are vast databases and powerful technologies crunching numbers about your lifestyle and the lifestyles of millions of other Americans.They know the value of your home, the type of car you drive, the ages of your children, your credit rating and more.This data is being mathematically processed to determine if you are the best target for the latest gadget to hit the market.

While this sounds like something from a George Orwell novel, it describes the predictive modeling power behind neural networks and modern data mining technologies.While data mining conducted at this magnitude is limited to certain government agencies, the price of this technology has dropped substantially due to new mathematical discoveries, lower technology costs and improved processing power.As a result, many corporations are now embracing the power of predictive data mining to gain competitive advantages through customer segmentation strategies, predicting customer behavior and by making projections about the future.

Here are a few additional ways that predictive data mining is being used today.

Marketing Predictions

Producing accurate sales forecasts is an important part of measuring your marketing strategy.Inaccurate forecasts lead to missed opportunities, avoidable costs, inefficiencies and many other problems.Although Microsoft Excel provides certain forecasting tools, its forecasting tools fail when non-linear relationships and missing data are present, this is often the case when analyzing marketing data.In these cases, neural networks provide superior forecasting accuracy.

Market Segmentation

When neural networks are correctly designed and deployed, they can accurately identify people who will be most receptive to a product, promotion or advertising campaign.Some of the most frequent methods of segmentation with neural networks combine metrics such as recency of purchase, frequency of purchases and amount spent.Other factors include age, sex, income, location, education level, occupation and household status.Today, neural networks are a primary method for highly predictive marketing segmentation.

Prediction and Classification

Neural networks are a proven technology for solving complex classification problems.Credit companies often deploy neural networks to spot fraudulent credit card activity and identity theft.Other companies deploy neural networks to identify defecting customers in order to maximize their customer retention.

The following article was written by The Marketing Analysts translation company.  We provide language translation and localization services for all of your professional needs.

Search Engine Optimization: The Focus on Credibility, Page Rank and Traffic

Today, a successful search optimization strategy requires a continuous and dedicated effort by a team of professionals.This is because the formula to achieve high rankings is under continuous change. On a regular basis, Google, Yahoo, Live, Ask and other engines make changes to their ranking algorithms.Therefore, what works today may not work tomorrow for your organic search engine optimization (SEO) or search engine marketing (SEM) strategy.This article discusses some of the key metrics for people undertaking search optimization on their own.

Google Page Rank

The Google Page Rank is one of the key metrics that you will need to focus on.It is a score that Google assigns to your site based on a number of criteria.While the actual calculation is secret, certain aspects are known to be key factors.A site with a high Page Rank is one that displays credibility.How do you prove that your site is a credible source?First, you should focus on good content and then link building.In general, the total number of links pointing towards your website and their credibility will a key factor in the success of your site.Some of the most credible links are generally those that are listed on Government, educational and news media sites.Always avoid sites from adult oriented content sites.For additional information, please visit google.com/technology/ for more information on page rank.

ALEXA Rankings

While Alexa is becoming less important, it is still a factor.Alexa estimates the amount of traffic your site receives.The more traffic that Alexa believes that your site receives; the higher your Page Rank will likely be too.There is some correlation, but again the Google Page Rank is the most critical factor.

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Strategic Marketing Plans with Predictive Data Mining & Marketing Mix Models

Once a year, Marketing Directors take the important steps of planning the budget for the upcoming year.A fortunate few will build around their previous plan and possibly try to incorporate something they’ve been thinking about for years.Unfortunately, the majority will be in cash strapped organizations that have already experienced months of cost reductions and slashed budgets.In these cases, there are difficult decisions to be made on how to best invest their limited resources while maintain or growing profits.

For decision support, a growing number of Marketing Directors in Fortune 500 corporations are turning towards Marketing Mix Models (MMM).By turning to analytical marketing methods, Marketing Managers can determine the best way to allocate their funds and maximize their strategy.

The typical Marketing Mix model is based on multivariate statistical models, neural networks and time series forecasting methods that use sales and marketing data as model inputs to project the impacts of various product, price and promotional tactics on sales.

With the adoption of data warehouses by most companies, marketing-mix models are gaining popularity particularly in the consumer packaged goods, Financial Services, Automotive, pharmaceuticaland Hospitality industries.In fact, P&G, Kraft, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and other Fortune 500 companies are already considering it an integral part of their marketing planning.

While Marketing Mix Models can simplify planning decisions, there are some limitations that must be taken into account based on the calculations used.However, CEO’s are demanding increased accountability and effectiveness. Without tools like Marketing Mix Models, it is difficult for marketing organizations to know how best to allocate spending, or to justify spending at all.

This blog entry was was written by The Marketing Analysts translation division.  We offer language translation solutions for all of your professional needs.

Beat the Economy: Hire A Translator & Grow Your Business

You can stay on top in this economy by thinking globally. The first step is to hire the right translation and localization firm.

The world economy may have taken a turn for the worse but your sales and marketing plans don’t reflect it. Fortunately, you can still outsmart the economy by thinking globally and building new business overseas. Your first step to success is to adopt the right communication strategy because what works for Americans doesn’t work everywhere. Instead, you need a language translation firm that can understand your marketing message and how to present in other countries.

If you’re not already working with a translation and localization firm, now’s the time to find one. However, deciding on the right translation firm can be difficult. For this reason, THE MARKETING ANALYSTS have prepared a set of questions to help you get the best service for your marketing dollars.

Questions You Should Ask Potential Translation Firms

1. Is the firm operated by professional linguists who hold language degrees from top ranked universities?
You expect perfectionism and the best service possible. THE MARKETING ANALYSTS has a screening process that ensures you get the highest quality service. Regardless of your language translation needs, you can expect the best from THE MARKETING ANALYSTS.

2. Does the firm insist on learning as much as possible about your project and have expertise in your field?
To ensure quality, THE MARKETING ANALYSTS ask all of the necessary questions to get the job done correctly.

3. Does the firm offer a broad range of translation services to meet your needs?
Always ensure that the translation and localization firm that you select has qualified language translators and interpreters that are specialized in your industry and hold advanced language degrees. In addition, the company you select should have a network of high quality foreign language professionals.

4. What quality control and language proofing policies does the firm have in place?
Many firms only offer basic services and won’t proof your material. THE MARKETING ANALYSTS places a high bar on quality by using professional, degreed translators that are highly qualified to exceed your needs. In addition, we offer additional services including desktop publishing and search engine optimization for web content.
For additional information about language translation and localization services from THE MARKETING ANALYSTS, please visit http://www.themarketinganalysts.com/Professional_Transla …

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Analytical Marketing Research and Predictive Data Mining
Our team of research professionals has more than 60 years of experience in applying quantitative marketing research, developing marketing mix models, conducting predictive marketing research and developing strategic plans.

THE MARKETING ANALYSTS is a pioneer in proven, leading edge marketing research processes that involve analytical marketing research, advanced sales forecasting methods, predictive customer churn and customer retention, market basket analysis, marketing mix models, conjoint analysis, customer segmentation, and predictive data mining.

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