Beat the Economy: Hire A Translator & Grow Your Business

You can stay on top in this economy by thinking globally. The first step is to hire the right translation and localization firm.

The world economy may have taken a turn for the worse but your sales and marketing plans don’t reflect it. Fortunately, you can still outsmart the economy by thinking globally and building new business overseas. Your first step to success is to adopt the right communication strategy because what works for Americans doesn’t work everywhere. Instead, you need a language translation firm that can understand your marketing message and how to present in other countries.

If you’re not already working with a translation and localization firm, now’s the time to find one. However, deciding on the right translation firm can be difficult. For this reason, THE MARKETING ANALYSTS have prepared a set of questions to help you get the best service for your marketing dollars.

Questions You Should Ask Potential Translation Firms

1. Is the firm operated by professional linguists who hold language degrees from top ranked universities?
You expect perfectionism and the best service possible. THE MARKETING ANALYSTS has a screening process that ensures you get the highest quality service. Regardless of your language translation needs, you can expect the best from THE MARKETING ANALYSTS.

2. Does the firm insist on learning as much as possible about your project and have expertise in your field?
To ensure quality, THE MARKETING ANALYSTS ask all of the necessary questions to get the job done correctly.

3. Does the firm offer a broad range of translation services to meet your needs?
Always ensure that the translation and localization firm that you select has qualified language translators and interpreters that are specialized in your industry and hold advanced language degrees. In addition, the company you select should have a network of high quality foreign language professionals.

4. What quality control and language proofing policies does the firm have in place?
Many firms only offer basic services and won’t proof your material. THE MARKETING ANALYSTS places a high bar on quality by using professional, degreed translators that are highly qualified to exceed your needs. In addition, we offer additional services including desktop publishing and search engine optimization for web content.
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THE MARKETING ANALYSTS is a world class marketing firm that offers a variety of business services that include marketing research, web design and Search optimization and professional language translation services.

Our experienced employees include respected Marketing Ph.D.s, accomplished Marketing Managers, skilled Computer Scientists, established Economists and talented Financial Analysts and exceptional language translation professionals.

Analytical Marketing Research and Predictive Data Mining
Our team of research professionals has more than 60 years of experience in applying quantitative marketing research, developing marketing mix models, conducting predictive marketing research and developing strategic plans.

THE MARKETING ANALYSTS is a pioneer in proven, leading edge marketing research processes that involve analytical marketing research, advanced sales forecasting methods, predictive customer churn and customer retention, market basket analysis, marketing mix models, conjoint analysis, customer segmentation, and predictive data mining.

Web Design & Search Optimization
Whether you are located in Dallas, Texas or Frankfurt, Germany, THE MARKETING ANALYSTS provides the best web design, web hosting, search engine optimization, search engine ranking and search engine placement services on the Internet today.

Professional Translation & Localization Services
No matter where you do business you can be assured that THE MARKETING ANALYSTS can handle all of your translation, proofing and interpreting needs. Our teams of experienced translators are located in offices around the world and specialize in Financial, Legal, Medical and Marketing. We guarantee our results and your satisfaction.

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