Inexpensive, Simple to Use CMS

Using open source technology, THE MARKETING ANALYSTS helps marketers by empowering non-technical employees to add, update, design and remove web content.While our Content Management System (CMS) is simple to deploy, it is flexible, provides a user friendly dialogue and reduces the need for timely and costly IT maintenance.Now, there is little reason why you shouldn’t consider the benefits of a CMS system.  Furthermore, because we offer translation and localization services you will be able to market to the world.

Quick, Low Cost Design & Implementation

During the initial consultation, we sit down with your decision makers and identify all of your requirements.We also recommend additional features and add-on applications that you may find attractive now or in the future.Because our system is open source, it is extremely flexible and future upgrades can be easily and inexpensively integrated.

At the local level, our consultants work closely with your managers to answer important design and implementation decisions that balance quality, feature, schedule, and budget considerations.Our local consultants have the know-how to detect defects that others miss and save your from costly and embarrassing field failures.

Once your system is designed, there is rarely any need for technical and administration support.However, if you need us we are only a phone call away and ready to assist you 24-hours a day.In contrast, some solution providers can be expensive, difficult to reach and once their solutions are deployed you could require on-going technical support, maintenance and trouble shooting.

About The Marketing Analysts

THE MARKETING ANALYSTS is a different kind of Marketing Consulting Firm.  Our primary goal is to establish a long-lasting business relationship that drives your business forward through technology, predictive analytics, marketing communications, professional language translation, web strategy and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)services.

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