How To Choose A Technical Translation Firm

In all forms of business today there are big international companies that have made their profits through taking over small firms. The Language Translation profession is no exception. The giants have swallowed up many businesses. The trouble is, there usually isn’t any change of name to tell you the difference. That makes it hard for you to distinguish between the locally owned language translation firms and the conglomerates. Without asking, you might never know if you are speaking to – an independent language translation firm or just a vast conglomerate.

When you need the service of a technical language translation firm, you should turn to the firm that offers personal service, high accuracy, translators with real industry experience, and an agency that gives your project the attention it deserves.


At THE MARKETING ANALYSTS, our attention is concentrated on satisfying the needs of your businesses. We are not distracted or bound by corporate rules handed down from “the head office” and shareholders. Instead, we are flexible and responsive to your needs.

In addition, we operate with a sense of pride.  This is our business.  We take pride in our Language Translation services.  We are also proud of our staff, for whom we maintain regular training to ensure we provide you with the highest level of professional service.

Experience & Competence

THE MARKETING ANALYSTS employs some of the most experienced translators in the industry.  In addition, we offer services in over 30 of the leading languages in the world.  Some of our most popular translated languages are presented in the table below.

Mandarin Chinese Panjabi Turkish
Hindi Javanese Persian
Spanish Korean Gujarati
English Vietnamese Polish
Arabic Telugu Ukrainian
Portuguese Marathi Malayalam
Bengali Tamil Kannada
Russian French Oriya
Japanese Urdu Thai
German Italian


In addition to providing translation services in over 30 languages, we have translators who are trained and certified in the following industries.   With our expertise, THE MARKETING ANALYSTS is quickly becoming one of the most trusted names in translation services.

Academics Finance Paper manufacture
Advertising Foodstuffs Patents
Aeronautical engineering Freight forwarding Pharmaceuticals
Agriculture General business conditions Physics
Air conditioning HVAC Plastics Processing
Architecture Hardware Plumbing
Assembly instructions Health care Pneumatics
Automotive technology Import & export Process engineering
Banking Information technology Railways
Biology Instruction manuals Research & development
Biotechnology Insurance Software
Botany Intellectual property Steel industry
Certifications Invitations to tender Technology
Chemistry Laboratory technology Telecommunications
Civil engineering Law Textile industry
Communication engineering Machine tools Trade
Computer engineering Marketing Travel/tourism
Construction Measurement and control Websites
Contracts Mechanical engineering Welding technology
Data processing Medical equipment
Dentistry Medicine
Documentation Metal processing
Ecology Motor vehicle engineering
Economics Nuclear engineering
Education certificates Oil industry
Electrical engineering Operating instructions
Electronics Optics
Environmental technology Paints and varnish


Long-term commitment

Not only do we want to meet your current needs, we also seek to build a relationship of trust, so that you will return to us in the future.

Devoted to your needs, not the needs of our shareholders

Large concerns answer to shareholders. THE MARKETING ANALYSTS answer to you. We know our business will do well because we will serve you well.

Personal Relationship

It’s nice to know whom you’re talking to.  When your company needs high quality translation services, it can be comforting knowing that your service representative is readily available to listen to your needs and to create the kind of personal relationship which leads to positive, professional individualized service.

If you are like most people, you find it’s easier to deal with people you know. You like the flexibility and personal service. We feel the same way.  The more you are aware of THE MARKETING ANALYSTS, the more you will come to appreciate the difference.

Whether you need our advice when choosing a translation services plan or information on the choice of services we offer, we fully understand the importance of such questions. So if you would like a friendly chat with no pressure or obligation please use our contact form. Especially if you need immediate assistance, remember we are here to serve you 24 hours a day, every day of the year.  After all, we are committed to your success.

The Professional, Personalized Advantage

THE MARKET ANALYSTS take time to get to know you and your company. Understanding your technical language translation needs enables us to assist you in creating a strategy that fits your objectives, time constraints and budget requirements.

A Resource for Information

Your Language Translator is your personal consultant. From explaining our quality assurance process to providing details about our technical competence, local professionals from THE MARKETING ANALYSTS will assist you in making educated decisions about the success and implementation of your strategy.

Recommendations and Assistance

Language Translators from THE MARKETING ANALYSTS have the expertise, resources and time to stay on top of your project and help answer your questions that relate to localization, regulations and industry trends that might be important to your particular project.  If needed, our professional translators can analyze how these trends could affect your translation project.

For long term projects, as your project matures your translation professional is here to help you continually, not just during the initial consultation.  As trends and legislation change, your translation professional can update you on how these changes affect you.

What information should I expect to provide when working with my technical language translator?

To assist you in developing a technical translation strategy that’s right for you, it is important for your project manager to understand as much about your project as they can.

What should I consider when deciding on a technical translation service provider?

There are a number of factors to consider when purchasing any product or service, and technical translation services are no different. Here is a checklist of things you should consider when purchasing translation services.

1. Base your decision on value. This is more than simply the lowest price. The price you pay should be compared to the service, quality and advice you receive.  THE MARKETING ANALYSTS has invested considerable time in developing our value proposition, selecting our translators to provide an excellent value.

2. What services make sense to you?

You should decide which optional translation services you want. For example, do you want web site translation service?  Do you want ongoing service that involves offsite translations of telephone and inbound messages from telephone, faxes and e-mail? or is the volume of response too low to warrant this level of service?

3. Once you have decided what you want from a technical language translation firm, you can now decide on whom

Cost Effective Web Solutions For Today’s Economy in Dallas Fort Worth Texas

In response to the current state of the economy, leading DALLAS – FORT WORTH marketing and web design firm has announced new cost effective online marketing packages. The packages are designed specifically for small to mid-sized businesses seeking to increase their leads and sales and add the simplicity of a Content Management System (CMS).The company’s new promotional packages include a variety of online marketing services that provide an immediate impact while meeting the needs of just about any marketing budget.After a free consultation, customers will be given suggestions as to which online marketing package will best meet their needs and budget.

The web strategies team at THE MARKETING ANALYSTS are experts at developing web sites that provide maximum return on marketing investment.That’s because our developers understand the science that can make or break a site’s ability to rank well in the search engines.Unlike the majority of companies that specialize in either web design or SEO, THE MARKETING ANALYSTS offers complete web development and search marketing services that include language translations (in over 30 of the world’s leading languages), video production, optimal advertising design research and more.

THE MARKETING ANALYSTS was founded in Dallas, Texas and has satellite offices in Fort Myers, Florida; Sofia, Bulgaria; Cologne, Germany; Ismailia, Egypt and Moscow, Russia to provide one-stop, high quality, low cost solutions for your special marketing needs.  Initially launched as a predictive marketing research company, we now provide a variety of integrated marketing solutions including content management systems, search engine optimization, proofing and language translation services.

Our team is highly talented and consists of respected Marketing Ph. D’s, experienced Marketing Managers, talented Computer Science professionals and competent Language Translators who hold advanced degrees from respected universities known around the world.

With our highly skilled associates, we are able to leverage all activities effectively to meet each of our client’s unique objectives.

Marketing Mix Models – A New Way to Improve Your Marketing ROI & Gain Competitive Advantages

Marketing Mix Models (MMM) from THE MARKETING ANALYSTS evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing mix components (product, price, promotion, and place) and other marketing activities to identify the optimal strategies for your company. By developing custom Marketing Mix Models for each client, we provide actionable recommendations that can improve your ROI and allow you to make better decisions allocate your marketing budget.

In order to produce the best predictive marketing mix model for your company, we require at least 36-months of historical marketing and sales data.Once your model is developed, various “what if” scenarios can be run to help you evaluate different alternative strategies.

With the adoption of data warehouses by most companies, marketing mix models are gaining popularity particularly in the Consumer Packaged Goods, Financial Services, Automotive, pharmaceutical and Hospitality industries. In fact, P&G, Kraft, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and other Fortune 500 companies are already considering Marketing Mix Models as an integral part of their marketing planning.

For additional information on how Marketing Mix Models can improve your marketing strategy, please visit

Think Marketing Research Is Too Expensive? Think Again!

In a world where perception is everything, businesses often think that professional Marketing Research is too expensive.  Now, who can argue with perception, let alone Marketing budgets, most of them on shaky ground these days?   In today’s economy, a business could easily argue against expensive luxury services like Marketing Research.  Still, as I hear from business leaders about their woes in this time of fiscal crisis, my reaction is “expensive compared with what?”

The Marketing Analysts offers a broad line of inexpensive marketing services that have traditionally been too costly for small, medium, and medium-large companies.  Just like some of the world’s largest Marketing firms, we offer the same services that create, evaluate and strengthen brands.  However, unlike other marketing firms, our predictive marketing research methodologies are superior and produce more reliable results.  Further, we can offer prices that even small businesses can afford because we can capitalize on advanced technological and proprietary marketing software technologies that our competitors lack.

The Marketing Analysts is a Marketing firm with offices in Dallas, Texas; Fort Myers, Florida; Sofia, Bulgaria; Cologne, Germany; Ismailia, Egypt and Moscow, Russia to provide one-stop, high quality, low cost solutions for your special marketing needs.

Our Marketing Research competencies include measuring attitudes and behaviors to explain accurately and predict market share, revenue, and bottom line impact of a client’s actions.  Our team of consultants has been successfully designing, executing and analyzing Marketing Research studies since 1996. We help our clients launch better products and services, attract and retain valuable customers, and build stronger brands. Whether you are looking for advice on how to optimize the development and launch of a new product, seeking guidance on how to build brand wealth and customer loyalty, or in search of a customized product line solution, we provide growth solutions.

In addition, to providing predictive marketing services, we also offer a variety of integrated marketing solutions including content management systems, search engine optimization, and language translation services.

Our team is highly talented and consists of respected Marketing Ph. D’s, experienced Marketing Managers, talented Computer Science professionals and competent Language Translators who hold advanced degrees from respected universities known around the world.

With our highly skilled associates, we are able to leverage all activities effectively to affordably meet each of our client’s unique objectives.  Please visit our web site THE MARKETING ANALYSTS today for additional information.

Recharge Your Retail Marketing Strategy With Market Basket Analysis

Market Basket Analysis (also called MBA and Association Mining) is a data mining technique that is based on the idea that if you buy a certain product, you will be more or less likely to purchase one or more additional items.

For example, if you shop at, then you’ve read their  recommendations like . . . ,“ Customers who purchased this book also bought. . .”, . . .,“ Amazon also recommends. . .”, “ Buy these 2 books together and save . . . .” has been successful by using this data mining marketing strategy to generate additional sales through product promotion, cross-selling and product placement.

There are natural product affinities in the market place. For example, people who buy hot dogs frequently buy hot dog buns, ketchup and relish. Although some product affinities are obvious, others are often unexpected. A classic example involves an affinity between diapers and beer.

A number of large retail companies use market basket analysis to develop promotions and generate incremental sales. But while the analytics required for this technique are relatively simple, Market Basket Analysis requires tremendous processing capabilities to analyze transaction-level (individual market basket) data. As a result, most retailers can’t conduct this type of analysis.

THE MARKETING ANALYSTS have the servers, processing power and software needed to quickly define the likelihood of two (or more) items being purchased together. With our capabilities, we can identify the products that drive drive customers to your store and that should always be in stock. We can also analyze the contents of each basket and classify the shopping trip into a category: weekly grocery trip, special occasion, etc. Finally, we can perform store-to-store comparisons based on units sold per customer, revenue per transaction, number of items per basket, etc.

Inexpensive, Simple to Use CMS

Using open source technology, THE MARKETING ANALYSTS helps marketers by empowering non-technical employees to add, update, design and remove web content.While our Content Management System (CMS) is simple to deploy, it is flexible, provides a user friendly dialogue and reduces the need for timely and costly IT maintenance.Now, there is little reason why you shouldn’t consider the benefits of a CMS system.  Furthermore, because we offer translation and localization services you will be able to market to the world.

Quick, Low Cost Design & Implementation

During the initial consultation, we sit down with your decision makers and identify all of your requirements.We also recommend additional features and add-on applications that you may find attractive now or in the future.Because our system is open source, it is extremely flexible and future upgrades can be easily and inexpensively integrated.

At the local level, our consultants work closely with your managers to answer important design and implementation decisions that balance quality, feature, schedule, and budget considerations.Our local consultants have the know-how to detect defects that others miss and save your from costly and embarrassing field failures.

Once your system is designed, there is rarely any need for technical and administration support.However, if you need us we are only a phone call away and ready to assist you 24-hours a day.In contrast, some solution providers can be expensive, difficult to reach and once their solutions are deployed you could require on-going technical support, maintenance and trouble shooting.

About The Marketing Analysts

THE MARKETING ANALYSTS is a different kind of Marketing Consulting Firm.  Our primary goal is to establish a long-lasting business relationship that drives your business forward through technology, predictive analytics, marketing communications, professional language translation, web strategy and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)services.