Think Marketing Research Is Too Expensive? Think Again!

In a world where perception is everything, businesses often think that professional Marketing Research is too expensive.  Now, who can argue with perception, let alone Marketing budgets, most of them on shaky ground these days?   In today’s economy, a business could easily argue against expensive luxury services like Marketing Research.  Still, as I hear from business leaders about their woes in this time of fiscal crisis, my reaction is “expensive compared with what?”

The Marketing Analysts offers a broad line of inexpensive marketing services that have traditionally been too costly for small, medium, and medium-large companies.  Just like some of the world’s largest Marketing firms, we offer the same services that create, evaluate and strengthen brands.  However, unlike other marketing firms, our predictive marketing research methodologies are superior and produce more reliable results.  Further, we can offer prices that even small businesses can afford because we can capitalize on advanced technological and proprietary marketing software technologies that our competitors lack.

The Marketing Analysts is a Marketing firm with offices in Dallas, Texas; Fort Myers, Florida; Sofia, Bulgaria; Cologne, Germany; Ismailia, Egypt and Moscow, Russia to provide one-stop, high quality, low cost solutions for your special marketing needs.

Our Marketing Research competencies include measuring attitudes and behaviors to explain accurately and predict market share, revenue, and bottom line impact of a client’s actions.  Our team of consultants has been successfully designing, executing and analyzing Marketing Research studies since 1996. We help our clients launch better products and services, attract and retain valuable customers, and build stronger brands. Whether you are looking for advice on how to optimize the development and launch of a new product, seeking guidance on how to build brand wealth and customer loyalty, or in search of a customized product line solution, we provide growth solutions.

In addition, to providing predictive marketing services, we also offer a variety of integrated marketing solutions including content management systems, search engine optimization, and language translation services.

Our team is highly talented and consists of respected Marketing Ph. D’s, experienced Marketing Managers, talented Computer Science professionals and competent Language Translators who hold advanced degrees from respected universities known around the world.

With our highly skilled associates, we are able to leverage all activities effectively to affordably meet each of our client’s unique objectives.  Please visit our web site THE MARKETING ANALYSTS today for additional information.

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