Extreme Makeover: The Legal Translation Edition

Extreme Makeover Legal Translation Edition

Extreme Makeover Legal Translation Edition

Like all professional and technical services, Legal Translation can be a blessing or a curse.  On one hand, you are just a number to the big service providers who may not even have US offices.  With no local representation and a fast food style business strategy, they may be less likely to have a personal stake in your project’s success.  On the other hand, a small company may not have the right expertise, or be able to provide the services and accuracy that your project demands.

If you are spending more time dealing your legal translation vendors than getting actual work done, it’s time for an Extreme Legal Translation Makeover.   First, call THE MARKETING ANALYSTS and then get ready to delete your old legal translation service providers from your address and contact lists.  Sure, deleting those contacts is a task on par with cleaning out your closet: dreadful and time-consuming, but a huge relief when you’re done. Once you’re there, you want to keep it there and by working with THE MARKETING ANALYSTS, we know you will.

Here are a few reasons why you will enjoy working with THE MARKETING ANALYSTS

  1. 1. THE MARKETING ANALYSTS is one of the few language translation agencies that specialize in law and can fully translate your documents to over 150 languages
  2. 2. Our legal translation teams are made up of top notch, highly qualified linguists. Our legal translators are carefully selected and meet the following requirements:
    a. A legal certificate/degree received from an accredited academic training program
    b. A language certification/accreditation by a recognized organization
    c. Several years of experience working in a law
    d. Native level proficiency in the target language

With over 20 years of language translation experience, we successfully translate patents, contracts, adoptions and other legal documents.  Our translators have successfully worked with hundreds of corporate legal departments, law firms, and governmental entities.

Whether your legal translation needs are large or small, THE MARKETING ANALYSTS are available to assist you.  We offer translations in Arabic, English, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and over 140 other languages.   Use our online form or call our toll-free number for a free quote.  Our prices are competitive and we guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Dallas, Texas • Fort Myers, Florida • Sofia, Bulgaria • Cologne, Germany • Moscow, Russia

US TOLL FREE: 866-371-4863
FAX: 480-393-5183
Email: info@themarketinganalysts.com

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