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THE MARKETING ANALYSTS is a leading provider to Language Translation services, including legal translation, technical translation, medical translation and certified translation. As a US Veteran owned company, we are a leading provider of Chinese translation service to public and private enterprises throughout the world.  As a US company with a 20-year history of translation success, we have a personal stake in your project’s success and we seek to develop long term relationships.

Chinese Legal Language Translation
The ability to accurately Translate Chinese Legal Documents demands specialized skills, advanced training and an eye for detail.  Law firms return to us repeatedly because our Chinese Legal Translation team includes experienced lawyers and legal professionals who hold legal degrees and certifications.  With these strengths and our 20-year history of success, you are assured that we will accurately duplicate the phrasing and style of the original document to the target language you specify.

Whether your Chinese Law translation project is personal or commercial law, large or small, patent, contracts or court document related, our translation company is ready to serve you.  You are assured the highest level of accuracy because all of our legal translations are performed by experienced legal translators and then cross-checked by editors to assure the correct meaning and fluidity of the final presentation.

Each translator at THE MARKETING ANALYSTS goes through a stringent selection process.  All of our Legal Translators must be native to the target language, have at least five years of legal experience and hold certifications or degrees.  These requirements are necessary due to the complexity of the Chinese dialects, rapidly evolving Chinese legal system, and the cultural sensitivity of the Chinese people.

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THE MARKETING ANALYSTS is a leading Legal translation service provider. We translate from English to any language and from any language to English. We can serve you wherever you are by email. Our prices are very competitive and we offer 24/7 service with quick turnaround times.  We look forward to working with you.

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