German Medical Device Translation by Qualified German Medical Translators

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Whether your medical device company is starting up or established, THE MARKETING ANALYSTS know there is no room for error when it comes to your German translation needs. We draw on our 20+ years of experience in medical device translation to ensure your project is in the hands of the German translation team most suited to your specific requirements. Backed by our intensive quality assurance process, you are assured of an accurate, timely and cost-effective translation.

Our German medical translators are also subject-matter experts with experience in:

Patient consent forms (clinical studies)
IFUs (Instructions for Use)
Labeling and packaging
Legal documents: research, patents, adverse event reporting
Promotional materials, patient recruitment information, patient brochures, product websites and sales collateral

THE MARKETING ANALYSTS do more than provide simply medical translation service. We partner with you through every step so you can be assured your medical documents meets your specifications for formatting and regulatory compliance worldwide. Because we have established processes for translation, proofreading and content management, we can efficiently translate your project into as many languages as required.

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