The Making of an Accurate French Translator

Accurate French Translation Workers

Accurate French Translation Workers

To be a good French translator, you should also know the language you translate into very well. Without knowing the target language, your French Translation definitely would have many structural errors. Further more its intonation, localization etc., would not be at the accepted level.

To become a good French translator, you should learn the language by attending formal French classes; you should be an avid reader of French books as well. Looking at French movies and talking with French people also help. Learning a language cannot be limited to a particular time duration, but it should be done throughout your life.

If you want to become a professional French Translator, you have to follow a French-translation oriented certificate course, undergraduate degree, and further qualify with a master level status in French linguistics.

The organizations such as the American Translators Association, the American Literary Translators Association and the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters & Translators have qualified French Translation workers who have full membership in them. If you want to be an accredited French Translator, you should also join one of them.  They organize many national and regional activities, which give you extensive exposure in the field.

You can also attend conferences of translators, and learn from them linguistic techniques. Exchange your translated French documents with fellow translators and compare theirs with yours. You can also get help from computer-aided programs such as DéjàVu, Across, WordFast and Trados. They are rich with stored translated phrases; idioms and words that would immensely help improve your translation skills in French.

Chinese Translation for Menu Items in a Chinese Restaurant

Chinese Dinner: Chinese Translation Services

Chinese Dinner: Chinese Translation Services

How many of us walk into an authentic Chinese restaurant and ask for a Chinese translation of a menu item? It is very embarrassing indeed like eating in a Japanese restaurant with a fork and knife as opposed to chop-sticks.

Some diners dread it when it’s their turn to order. In some restaurants it is a little embarrassing to ask the waiter to help with deciphering the menu.  I must say they have given me ‘the look’. For example you spot this dish called Cheng du Chicken in the menu, sure you know it some sort of chicken but you have no idea what sort of dish it is. Is the chicken spicy or sweet, you may have to take a wild guess.

Here are a few of those Chinese Translations for dishes that could be misleading.

  • Egg Drop Soup
  • Chicken broth or stock topped with silken threads of egg.
  • Ma Yi Shang Shu This dish is marinated pork that is cooked in a spicy sauce and served over cellophane noodles.
  • Bang Bang Ji (Hot Chicken Salad)
  • Chicken breasts are cut into strips and served on a sheet of green bean paste; this dish is made with hot chili oil.
  • Cheng Du Chicken (Chili Chicken Cubes)
  • Cubed chicken breasts marinated and deep-fried, the sauce includes hot bean sauce.
  • Chow Fun
  • Rice Noodles, who would have thought.
  • Chow Mein (Fried noodles)
  • Noodles and vegetables are stir-fried.
  • Xang Su Ya (Crispy Skin Duck)
  • The duck is steamed, while the skin is deep-fried.
  • Dou Ban Yu
  • Fish in Hot Sauce
  • Kung Pao Chi Ting (Kung Pao Chicken)
  • Deep-fried diced chicken and roasted peanuts.
  • Kung Pao Ming Har
  • A similar dish, made with shrimp instead of chicken.
  • Ling Mung Gai (Lemon Chicken)
  • Batter-coated, deep-fried chicken with lemon.
  • Lo Mein
  • Tossed Noodles
  • Moo Goo Gai Pan
  • Stir-fried chicken and mushrooms.
  • Ho ho sik! Go figure the translation

Medical Translation Service Reveals Illness In Workplace

Medical Translation: Medical Records - Spanish French German Russian Portuguese Japanese Korean Chinese Translation Cleveland

Medical Translation: Medical Records - Spanish French German Russian Portuguese Japanese Korean Chinese Translation Cleveland

Many women experience feeling cold at work on a frequent basis. This is usually because men set the thermostat in office places. The typical professional offices throughout Europe and the USA average 72 degrees Fahrenheit, a temperature more suited to men wearing several layers including undershirt, shirt, tie and suit jacket than to women wearing a silk blouse, for example.

A Medical translation of a recent workplace productivity study found that women would be much more productive if the office temperatures were raised a few degrees. A button-down shirt and tie as well as a jacket, lace-up shoes and socks, which women typically do not wear, can make you up to 3 degrees warmer, explains University of Leipzig ergonomics professor Achim Guenther who studies workplace productivity. In a 2008 study of workplace temperatures and productivity, conducted by Guenther and his associates, women made 44 percent fewer typos and increased their words per minute by over 100 percent if the ambient temperature was raised to 77 degrees. In addition, absences due to illness associated with working in cold temperatures declined by over 50 percent when the thermostat was turned up to a comfortable level for women.

Saudi Arabia- Best Place for Arabic Translation

Arabic Translation:Legal, Medical, Marketing, Sales, Contract, Document, Record

Arabic Translation:Legal, Medical, Marketing, Sales, Contract, Document, Record

The Arabic language is mostly spoken in the Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia. This country has a great Islamic culture that centers on Islamic and tribal values. The Mecca and Medina are considered to be Islam’s most pious sites that are situated in Saudi Arabia. All the Muslims pray five times a day in the various mosques spread across the country. Unlike the United States, the weekend in Saudi Arabia starts on Thursday or Friday. This is because Friday is the holiest day for Islam followers. Arabic translation companies mostly have Muslim employees as they are comfortable with the language.

Moreover, Muslims are awarded citizenship of the country easily, as is specified in the executive regulation of Saudi citizenship. Approximately 24% of Saudi Arabia’s population comprises of expatriates and foreign nationals who live there for work. There are about 100,000 Western people in the country who stay in compounds or gated communities together. Other than that there are South Asians, Filipino, Egyptians, Yemenis, Indonesian, Sri Lankan, Sudanese, Syrian and Turkish people. All these people include non-Muslims as well. Arabic translation professionals are very much in demand as there are numerous multinational companies that require their services.

The translation industry in Saudi Arabia has developed gradually through the years. Due to a high number of people who do not speak Arabic, translation is the only option for them. It facilitates communication without creating a misunderstanding. The expatriates can understand the language of the locals and hence feel at home.

Selecting A Russian Translation Service

Certified Russian Translation and Standard Russian Document Translation Services from THE MARKETING ANALYSTS

Certified Russian Translation and Standard Russian Document Translation Services from THE MARKETING ANALYSTS

When traveling to the Russian nation, you may need translation for your different documents. All the papers required for the regularization of your stay in Russia can be well translated by professionals available in the market. Russian Translation workers can address such matters with special attention and have their services listed in the local directory. The customer can therefore find it easy to enlist the support of their preferred translator. For those papers that require notarization, the same are subjected to the correct processes by the professional translators.

A certain period of time is placed on the execution the translation exercise allowing you all the convenience for the use of your documents.   This is particularly true of Certified Russian Translation Service.  As with all translation work, the terms of each translation project can be negotiated for a better deal since the translators offer competitive rates.  The quotes are made available upon instant request.  However, you should expect to pay more for projects that take special expertise, require additional time and resources and for projects that must be completed quickly.

Commercial documentation can also be handled effectively as the translation agencies employ personnel who have experience in similar documents. The projects can be executed by large teams in case a lot of pages are submitted for translation. Such teams enlist the effort of native translators familiar with statutes from the two countries, Russia and your country of origin.

For those phrases that the customer is unfamiliar with, elaborate glossaries are constructed for efficient reference. With the different translation projects, the agencies ensure that the projects are addressed by the persons who can execute due propriety in the professional jargon used in the documents.

Orders for translation can be placed to the agencies on email or other form of communication. Contacts from the translators are made available on their websites.