Useful Information About U.S. Immigration

Like anything else in life, admittance into the U.S.A. requires that you pass a screening process that can often prohibit you from entering the country and end your homes for a green card or visa. Just like other countries, the United States does not approve all visa applications. To avoid mishaps and save time, some common reasons for visa rejections include having a disease, not having any money and having a criminal background. The US government will request a number of documents that have been issued to you in your native country and you must be able to provide copies. Before getting to this stage of the process, you will need to have any non-English certificates, licenses and documents translated by an approved translation agency that offers certifications and notarizations. What this means is that anyone from Brazil will be required to hire a Portuguese translation services that is capable of providing certified and notarized translations of translation of birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce decrees and other forms of identification that are requested.

You can count on being rejected if your past is marked with criminal behavior or a criminal record. You can take this to mean that nobody will be issued a green card or US visa unless in extremely rare instances or with a certain type of waiver. This gate gets closed on a lot of people who lived in the U.S. illegally for more than six months, which creates either a three year or ten-year bar to immigrating. Even if you think you haven’t done anything wrong.

Your eligibility will be reviewed next if it is determined that you have a clean record, carry no infectious diseases and are financially secure. In this step, you must identify the right type of green card or visa to apply for. Don’t just guess blindly here. You will need to take time to evaluate the various choices. In some cases, you might actually know the answer and that will certainly save you time and frustration. To illustrate this, if you are Russian and you just married an American then you will need to apply for an appropriate green card. But if you are still unsure and need more information, you might be able to locate a Russian translator company that help lead you in the right direct or even provide you with some helpful literature. High school students who want to attend college in the United States also know that in order to do so, they must first apply and receive a student visa from the U.S. government. Most people do have some questions and consequently, there are many resources available in almost every spoken language. If you do have questions and you speak Arabic, you might consider making a phone call to a local Arabic translator company. You will be amazed at how much information that they can provide.

If you are unclear about your eligibility for a United States visa or United States green card then we suggest that you do some research by calling around and trying to determine that form most appropriate for you. Another possibility that you should consider is a temporary green card. On a side note, not everyone will receive good news and the right to stay in the United States for the remainder of their life. When the chance of a permanent visa seems to pass you by, don’t ignore more temporary options. Some short terms options include student and employment based visa. In addition to these common types of temporary options, there are some specialty types that include emergency visas that might apply to your needs.

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