When Soccer Came To America

It barely caused a stir among people in the United States when the newspapers featured headlines touting that the U.S. would host the World Cup of Soccer.  One reason for the lack of interest is that most Americans aren’t even aware of the World Cup.  Not long after, coverage of the events seemed to fizzle out as it was obvious that most professional sports fans in America had not interest I soccer. In fact, it seemed like the only people in America that seemed interested were the German translation experts at Fox Sports and foreigners.  But people in the rest of the world, all viewed this as some sort of corporate sell out: FIFA was surely nuts … how could it be hosted in the States? … what did they know about “Football”? Did someone at FIFA lose their mind?

To Boris Todorov, Director of the United States European Football Federation and a few U.S. entrepreneurs, this was the beginning of something really big.  It was the catalyst for everything they hoped to realize for European style Football in the United States.  According to a Russian translation consultant at FIFA, America represented a huge market opportunity that they were were eager to control.  Yet, 95-percent of the American public couldn’t have been concerned less. In a nation where NFL Superbowl victors are called “World Champions”, nobody was celebrating the fact that a celebration of authentic world inclusion and stature was coming to the U.S.  In fact, the shear idea that soccer would even be played in the United States seamed to exacerbate the problem.  Who plays soccer? Only sickly French Translation experts that can’t get on football teams or those silly Latins that play soccer in parking lots on their days off.  Oh and mind you, aren’t the soccer fanatics continually fighting and killing each other? Probably all true at the time.  But despite all of this, the goal was achieved – like it or not really, interested or bored – The United States was the host of the World Cup of Soccer.

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