Borat in Kuwait Translates To Trouble!

On any given weekend in the world of sports, spectators are exposed to incredible collisions and huge flips, falls and flops from basketball, football, hockey, biking and skiing and every other type of competitive sport with over-enthusiastic fans.  This weekend in Kuwait was no exception explains one spectator from the country of Kazakhstan.

If you are familiar with the shenanigans of the Ali G show, you are likely familiar with Sasha Baron Cohen’s character named Borat and his parody of the national anthem of Kazakhstan.  According to a Washington D.C. Translation Services employee, Kazakhstan’s Maria Dmitrienko was honored with a gold medal in Kuwait at the Arab Shooting Championships. However, during the ceremony the public address system played the spoof anthem made famous on the Ali G Show and his movie, “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan,” a film that snubbed many Kazakhs by depicting the country as backward and anti-Jewish.

Of course, the country of Kazakhstan is now demanding an investigation into how the parody of the country’s national anthem was played instead of the genuine song at the international sports competition.  During an interview on Russian television, Kazakhstan’s foreign ministry spokesman insisted that this was a disgrace and demanded a complete investigation.

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