International Translation Careers For Experienced Operations Management Workers

The field of translation offers many opportunities to use your specialized knowledge in a given field.  Aside from the medical field, one area that continues to be under-served by experienced translators is the broad field of operations management.  As Jean Claude Moreau, a Washington D.C. French Translation Services expert in this field explains, “The field of international operations management deals with work in a complex environment that is affected by many factors.”  According Moreau, some of the most common and challenging factors include government regulations, trade agreements, labor shortages and strikes, the economy, competition, customer expectations and quality.   Below is a brief summary of factors that Moreau and others compiled about these factors.

Government Regulation
Abigail Perez, a Houston Spanish Translation Services worker who specializes in Operations Management indicates that a large portion of her work concerns the extensive regulation of business, both domestic and international by government agencies.  Regulation both domestically and abroad applies to environment, safety, product liability and taxation.  Regulation, or the lack of it, affects the way business is conducted and therefore demands experienced translation workers who can understand it.

Market Environment Conditions
The general state of the economy on both the domestic and international level influence the supply and demand for products, services and the inputs necessary for production.   During a recession, the demand for many products decreases while other may increase.  Translation specialists who can communicate material and labor shortages or surpluses are instrumental in the quality of the decisions that managers make.  At the same time, language translators who can communicate shifts in the age of the population, needs of ethnic groups, low population growth, freer trade between countries and increased competition will help managers plan successful marketplace strategies.

Business Suppliers
A supplier is generally required to meet set minimum order requirements to be considered a viable competitor.  These standards might be based on price, quality, delivery and certain value added services.  Problems will develop over time and new supplier will be evaluated and chosen.  Some suppliers will be foreign companies and others will be domestic firms.  Throughout the process of supplier management there will exist opportunities for knowledgeable language translators.

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