Marketing Research and Language Translaton in Political Campaigns

Anyone who has ever observed a politician in action has seen a perfect example of applied marketing.  According to one Chicago French Translation Services workers, “For the past two decades, political campaigns have become more like like marketing campaigns where candidates use marketing research, strategic promotional and advertising plans and modern marketing tools such as social media to package themselves to voters”.  These days candidates seeking to win elections cannot avoid marketing themselves to using different messages geared towards diverse voter groups.  The only question is how to do it effectively.” One approach that politicians are turning to is niche marketing to large immigrant groups and non-English language speaking voters.

In every presidential election of recent years, each candidate has a well-oiled marketing campaign organization in which marketing research and translation plays a key role.  These days, immigrant groups are being studies by candidates to better assess their attitudes and preferences and wise candidates are careful to check with their marketing advisers before making public announcements that might adversely affect their positioning in the minds of these different ethnic and immigrant groups..

The political candidate is but one example of those who engage in what a Boston German translation services worker refers to as a “Person of Marketing” who increasing are looking to market themselves to different ethnic and immigrant groups that may not speak English.  Others include actors, singers, models, sports figures and entertainers of all sorts.  However, unlike the political candidate, sports figures and entertainers are generally not entrusted with running the country.  Therein lays the “social issue” dimension of marketing research and language translation as it relates to politics.

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