The High Price of Illegal Immigration

According to a recent report, since 2006, millions of undocumented workers or illegal immigrants have paid in excess of $1 billion in bail bonds to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement)- permitting liberation from incarceration until their deportation cases can be heard. This practice also helps reduce overcrowding in our jails and the cost of housing inmates. It has also minimized disruption in the lives of 209,163 defendants and their families.
While there are many benefits to offering bail bonds to accused illegal immigrants, some supporters of strict enforcement of immigration laws perceive the policy is a means to continue “lax enforcement” to kowtow to immigrant groups, including Mexican Americans, in an election year.
However, certified translation workers and immigration case workers have long complained that the current system needs to be more progressive. In essence, the harsh penalties imposed on illegal immigrants are the same regardless if the accused is a day laborer than if you are a doctor. In fact, large numbers of illegal immigrants are unable to afford the bail and consequently, their families end up suffering.
Supporters of the current system contend that while immigration judges are required to set bail at $1,500 per case, they can raise the amount dramatically. In fact, the trend is to impose higher fines and in 2012 the average is expected to exceed $6,000.
With the possibility of these harsh fines, it makes sense for illegal immigrants and undocumented workers to get their paperwork in order. Whether you entered the country illegally for day labor opportunities or overstayed your visa, illegal immigrants should place priority on taking legal steps towards gaining U.S. immigration. One important step is to immediately order your birth certificate translations and marriage certificate translation.  These will also help illegal immigrants apply for official identification documents.

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