Who Needs A Certified Marriage or Divorce Certificate Translation?

As a leading U.S. provider of certified and notarized translations, The Marketing Analysts works with clients on a daily basis who were married in one country but seek to end their marriage in another country.   In addition, we also work with clients who were divorced in another country and need to prove that they were legally divorced and are free to marry again.

Nearly everyone who comes to us has marriage or divorce certificates that are in a language other than English.  As a result, we tell them that they require our certified marriage certificate translation and divorce certificate translation services.  What differentiates a certified translation from an ordinary translation is a certificate of accuracy from an approved translation agency.  Some people refer to the certification as the “legalization” of a translation.

There are many companies on the internet promoting certified translations such as divorce decree certificate translation services and most charge by the number of words on the certificate.  Even those promoting a flat fee have fine print that indicates the price is only god for the first 250 words.  Some firms also charge an addition fee for the certification and notarization service.  As a result, consumers don’t always know the price of the service until the document is evaluated by the translation agency and a proposal is generated.

Finally, before you order your translation, it’s a good idea to find out if you will need your certified translation to be notarized and have an apostille applied.  A good translations agency can give you some pointers on getting the apostille, will notarize the translation for you and mail you several original copies.

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  1. Marriage Certificate is the proof of registration of a marriage. We assure you to offer fast, reliable, efficient, and secure services. Safety and reliability is always our top priority.

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