Careers For Translation Workers in Multinational Companies

You may drive a Toyota, Fiat, Nissan or Ford automobile.  You may fill your tank at a Shell gas station with gasoline refined from crude oil from Nigeria, Venezuela, or Brazil.  You may sign the credit slip with a Cross Pen made in China.  If we consider that each of these products was imported into the U.S. from a non-English speaking country, it’s likely that somewhere along the route a language translator was involved.

Many Seattle translation Services workers have long felt that the world has evolved into a global village.  According to one translator, “It is difficult to speak of matters that do not influence or are not themselves influenced by other areas of the world. ”  Jet age transportation along with high speed intercontinental rail, high speed wireless internet, smart phones, cloud computing and other technologies are reshaping and restructuring the pattern of business.  The world is getting smaller.  Interaction between people and governments of various nations is increasing rapidly.  Multinational companies based in Japan, the United States and other developed nations feel completely at ease offering their products in foreign markets.  An organization that sells its products beyond its home nation’s boundaries is a multinational business engaged in international commerce and trade.

As a language translator within a multinational or international business, your work could involve the adoption and localization of a marketing literature to foreign markets that is sensitive to cultural differences.  In addition, you may also be called upon to determine target markets, marketing mix strategies and environmental factors that could influence influence sales.

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