A Good Translator is a Shadow in the Dark

It is important for all who deal with translation or use the services of interpreters or even a Certificate Translation Agency to understand that not everyone who speaks a foreign language can make a good translation of a text. Moreover, a translation is usually better if it is from a foreign language into the mother tongue of the translator. Then, many areas have specific professional terminology and use systems of concepts and definitions that make it impossible for the layperson in the field to understand and correctly interpret the information.

For example, if you need, let’s say, an Italian to English Translation of a medicine book or a case history, it may turn out that it is more appropriate it to be translated by a doctor of good command of English than by a professional translator who has no notion of medicine. Of course, in this case the best translation would be done by a specialized translator of medical literature. However, you cannot expect many people to be highly qualified in two areas, and you cannot hope that the translator you have chosen (probably because of the low price) is familiar with the matter in all areas of knowledge and also speaks good English.

So what is the conclusion? Well, we can say, for sure, that translation is not a kind of exercise to improve your English, and not a form of creative self-activity on free themes. It is a highly skilled form of creative and technical expression, which requires high professionalism and responsibility. An accurate translation is characteristic in that it “runs” smoothly and does not hinder the comprehension due to its heavy rugged style and numerous annotations. A good translator knows that the job is well done when his or her presence is unnoticed, when the texts sounds as if written by the author, but in the target language. A good translator is like a shadow in the dark.

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