Seeing The Larger Picture

Occasionally language translation workers become so absorbed in our routine activities that we overlook to take a look at the larger picture of who we have become and where we are going in life. Undoubtedly that was the feeling I experienced last year when I was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. The entire thing was a big surprise. When I first found myself feeling tired, I assumed it was actually the aging process and would go away in a few days. It persisted, and I went to see a physician. She requested one test immediately after another with growing urgency. Being a Houston French Translation Services employee, it was simple for me to show up for the exams with a few moments notice.

Soon after I had completed a scan for likely liver issues, an experienced surgeon and a Dallas Translation Services specialist from Baylor Medical Center in Tarrant County appeared in clinical lab jackets. “You’ll need to have a liver transplant,” he stated.“These types of transplants are common,” he answered, “Your chances of survival are 90 percent.” Somehow hearing that I had a 1 in ten chance for dieing seemed comforting, so I asked when all this might happen. “In several months,” he stated. “However , don’t feel sorry for yourself. I informed a number of patients this week that they would not survive. You actually have an opportunity.”

With respect to my doctors, the uncommon autoimmune disease they said I had was lethal if neglected, and the treatment plan was a risky liver transplant. Additionally, I had no prospect if the black area on the films of my liver was a tumor. I was in serious trouble. The good news is, that is as bad as things have become.

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