How A Coporation Should Select A Translation Service

The emerging markets of Africa, South America, India and Russia offer tremendous growth opportunities and are increasing attractive to corporations in fields ranging from agriculture to technology.  This is primarily due to the softening global economy that has limited domestic growth and expansion possibilities. However, entering new markets in Africa, South America, India and the former USSR requires many special considerations.  One of the most important considerations involves communication and the selection of an appropriate professional language translation services company.

When making the decision to enter a foreign market, companies should carefully select an accurate and reliable language translator that specializes in their industries. Unfortunately, this important task of evaluating translation companies is becoming increasingly difficult as hundreds of translation of varying degrees of quality, professionalism and honesty all seek to promote themselves to companies needing translation services.

Since the legal and regulatory markets vary by country, it is critical that corporations have their professional correspondence, instruction manuals, guarantees, contracts, marketing material, websites and other information translated correctly to eliminate any potential economic, social or political risks.  One way to do this is by outsourcing the translation and localization processes to a highly experienced translation provider.  A good translation service will minimize the risk of errors and the need for time-consuming edits by your company’s own employees.  Further, by selecting an experienced, honest and reputable translation agency a corporation will help fulfill its needs and minimize potential risks.

While accuracy is the most important aspect to professional services and manufacturing firms, it is not the only factor when selecting the best company of their translation needs. Other important factors often include experience within an industry, reputation, turnaround times, pricing and a translation company’s ability to enter into non-disclosure agreements.   Read More

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