Leskovashka grill

Leskovashka grill, also known as Serbian grill is a typical old Serbian way of preparing grilled minced meat, with a slightly spicy flavor, characteristic of the region of the Moravia and in particular the city Leskovats where the name comes in.

The most famous specialties are grilled leskovashkata pleskavica, veshalitsa, Serbian meatballs, Gravche of tavche and others.

A friend of mine, a worker at a New York Certified Translation Agency, who is a Serbian, explained to me what the above dishes are like.

Pleskavitsa is a traditional Serbian and Balkan dish of grilled minced meat. My friend, the translator says, Pleskavitsa is very popular in central and western Balkans, particularly Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Macedonia, where it can be found in every location. Its popularity is also constantly growing and becoming very popular dish in Bulgaria, Austria and Germany.

Pleskavitsa actually is minced meat mixed with chopped onions, chilies, cheese, pepper and other spices. Then you form a big meatball, which is spread flat and then grilled.

TheĀ certified translation Milwaukee translator said, that the most popular is Leskovashka pleskavica which is part of traditional Leskovashka grill. This pleskavica is spicy (hot) taste and the minced meat is a mixture of beef and pork. Often in the preparation of pleskavica cooks also add some sour cream. The mixture which is used for preparing Leskovashkata grill is a protected Serbian brand as from 2007, and to use it for commercial purposes, you must obtain a certificate from the Serbian Institute for Food.

As we noted, there are several varieties of this typical Balkan dish. Macedonian pleskavica, for example, is made of beef only. Haidushka pleskavica is made from mixed meat – beef and pork and is often filled with cheese.

Another popular Serbian grilled dish is veshalitsa. It is cheese and bacon cut into sticks and fillets cut into slices of 150 g each wrapped in veil. It is flavored with crushed garlic, salt and pepper, tightly wrapped in the veil and then baked on both sides on the grill or barbecue for about 10-12 minutes.

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