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Oysters, champagne and chocolate don’t have much in common in terms of their nutrient composition. However, they are all are valued for their alleged ability to enhance libido. Today, scientists are trying to extend their knowledge and find scientific explanations for some of the myths associated with food aphrodisiacs.

Some researchers argue that there certainly is a link between diet and hormonal balance.  So the workers from a German Translation Chicago service decided to do a research on the link between nutrition and sexual desire.  As they found out there is evidence that, foods like chocolate, for example, activate numerous nerve endings in the lips and mouth capable of provoking the production of certain hormones and other substances such as endorphins, which affect the mental state of people. However, science has not proven the relationship between specific components in foods considered aphrodisiacs (zinc, folic acid, isoflavones) and their effects to enhance libido.   The above Washington D.C. Translation Services arrive at the conclusion that one thing is certain – when you look at the list of foods for centuries considered aphrodisiacs, you will see that the vast majority of them are exquisite delicacies, delicious ingredients and spices highly prized in the finest cuisine. The list of the best aphrodisiac food includes:

  • Asparagus – rich in vitamin E, which normally stimulates the production of hormones, including sex;
  •  Bananas – contain the enzyme bromelain, which is believed to boost male libido. In addition, fruits are a good source of potassium and riboflavin. They raise the overall level of energy.
  • Cabbage – helps to improve circulation. This in turn reflects positively on the brain activity responsible for mood and libido and a rich blood supply to the genitals
  •  Celery – contains andosteron. This is a male hormone that is felt by the smell of women.

In conclusion,  the workers from a Houston Translation Services note that even if you do not believe in their action as aphrodisiacs or you are not at all interested in this aspect of the food you can still take pleasure to Valentine’s Day or on any other day with a more particular menu, including some of the food of love. At least all the products above are healthy.

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