Why Manufacturers Are Coming Back To The United States

Janet Harris has started a business that convinces small manufacturers that it is profitable to manufacture in the United States.  Almost 25-percent of her 100-cleint who market manufactured goods have either relocated to the United States or has convinced U.S. manufacturers to move back from China.  Additionally, another 10 clients are currently evaluating similar moves.

According to many French Translation Services in Washington D.C. firms, there is a growing trend that was sparked by the unknown ups and downs of the economy that more U.S. companies are deciding to produce in the United States.  To some firms, it’s starting to be important to carry the “Made in the U.S.A” logo on their products again.

Ever since 2007, TechInnovate, one of Harris’s clients has used contract manufacturing services in mainland China to make its office equipment.  However, this summer TechInnovate will begin producing and assembling at a plant in Nashville, Tennessee in order to deter cheap Chinese knock-offs and better control quality.  According to researchers at language translation companies in Houston, the Chinese manufacturers are notorious for copying our products and selling them at discounted rates on the black market.

For MedSource One, a producer of medical supplies and diagnostic equipment, moving production back to the United States led to a series of FDA approvals.  This is because the wide ranging stringent demands required by the FDA essentially forced them to come back the United States in order to be competitive.

For other manufacturers, such as AutoMotion, a manufacturer of automobile components for American and Japanese companies, the company could never get consistent, high quality from contract manufacturers in China.  Since the quality in those plants couldn’t be monitored, nearly 25-percent of each shipment was often rejected due to numerous flaws.  AutoMotion eventually decided to relocate all manufacturing to Chicago, Illinois where the company can run various tests on its goods before they are packaged and shipped to their customers.

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