Adding A Sense Of Urgency To Your Multilingual Collections Stragey

At the urgency stage, stress immediate action.  Before this stage, collection letters are normally signed by someone in the collection or credit department.  At this point, an executive should sign letters.  Certified Translators insist that the tone should be insistent and firm, but not angry or belligerent. You still want to retain goodwill.  Granted, delinquent debtors won’t be allowed credit, but they could become cash customers.

Using Search and Replace

Form letters are frequently used for reminders.  However, many translation companies simply use the search and replace function command in a word process or have a database that allows letters to be customized at an affordable price.  Essentially, this involves instructing the computer to replace Mr. Adam’s name and address with Ms. Smith’s.  Do the same for all other needed changes (amount due, due date, time elapsed, etc.).  Then, simply print the new letters.  The whole operation takes about three minutes, and the results are far superior to the antiquated filling in the blank approach.  Better still, most people will respond more favorably to individualized letters.  An approach could be setup with the help of your translation company.

During the reminder and inquiry stages, your appeals are resale, fair play or cooperation (these appeals can be explicit or implied, as in the previous letters).  At the urgency stage, most Milwaukee Translation Services experts believe that explicit appeals should focus on the customer’s pride, self-interest or fear.  Leave no doubt that the situation is urgent and the consequences of non-payment serious.

If a debtor fails to respond to your letter of urgency, send an ultimatum.  Stress that the debt must be paid voluntarily or by force.  Make it clear that you will take legal action, and outline the procedures you plan to follow (e.g., attorney, collection agency, court) to enforce your claim.  The text article will focus on writing and translating the ultimatum letter.

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