Analyze Your Market

Because designing and developing a product is costly, few companies take the risk unless research indicates that the product will appeal to a definite population.  As a legal translation worker who works with a creative team, you will rarely do the actual research.  But in selecting the appeals to stress for different cultures in your sales letter, you must rely on the researcher’s findings.

From your product and marketing analysis, you should know to whom your product will appeal.  Or your localization and professional translation worker may have determined that with different appeals, your product will sell to varied markets.  Now, you must either compile or buy a list of names and addresses for each market segment.

Within the United States, sources for lists are virtually limitless.  Look at telephone books, Yellow Pages, trade directories:  You can find listings for just about any business group you might wish to solicit.

Keep Accurate Mailing Lists

Whether you buy or compile your own mailing lists, be sure they are accurate and up to date.  As you use a list, delete names of those who have moved, died, requested their names be deleted, or shown no prior interest in your products.  Many companies have lost goodwill because of inaccurate lists.

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