Hiring Translation Companies For Telephone Collections

Hiring a translation agency to call your non-English speaking clients for reasons of collection has certain advantages over writing letters.  The following are four advantages that Baltimore Translation Services professionals have found:

  1. You can be sure you’ve reached the debtor.
  2. You can hear an immediate explanation for the non-payment.
  3. You can convey more information in a conversation can clear up misunderstandings immediately and suggest specific solutions for payment.
  4. Studies show that people with legitimate complaints of overdue debts have a better chance of succeeding in a phone conversation than by other means.
  5. Phoning is a safer and cheaper than writing letters.  This is especially true in the later stages of collection when letters are individualized and long explanations are needed.

The Disadvantages of Making Calls

Telephone collections have certain disadvantages, too.  According to The Marketing Analysts Translations Company, the major disadvantage is that many translation companies don’t offer this type of service.    Although you should always keep a record of calls and points of agreement, such promises or agreements arranged by phone are more difficult to prove in court.  Letters, on the other hand, are permanent records and often serve as legal documents.

Some cultures consider phone calls from strangers an invasion of privacy and react belligerently—especially to bill collectors.  You therefore risk losing goodwill and any chance of payment.  Also, no matter how much you prepare before calling (and you always should), and no matter how courteous you are, you have less control than a letter.

When using translation agencies for telephone for collection, prepare carefully.  (1) Study the person’s credit history (at times, this will help you decide whether to write or call), and gather all the facts about the delinquency.  (2) Determine the purpose of your call (ie. Reminder, inquiry, urgency, ultimatum).  (2) Jot down what you wish to convey and ask, including alternative payment plans.  In addition, follow the guidelines for collection letters.

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