How To Write Business Letters To Non-English Speaking Clients

Companies write and receive requests and inquiries daily concerning products, services, personnel, and operations. In today’s global business world, more and more frequently translation workers are being asked to translate inquiry letters from one language to another language.  The Marketing Analysts Translation Company recommends that responses to these routine inquiries and requests are excellent opportunities for firms to promote sales and goodwill. Therefore, such letters should be answered promptly and graciously, as an inept response can generate more negative feelings than no response at all.

As our Philadelphia Japanese Translation recommendation to business customers needing to compose an inquiring letter about a firm’s products or services, be clear, specific, and brief. Vague, general questions will elicit vague, general answers. If you have a number of questions, list them rather than embedding them in paragraphs. Lists can help your foreign readers organize their answers, thereby increasing your chances of getting a response and all the information you want.

For most international inquiry letters it is highly recommended that the original author use an attention line so that his letter will be directed to the sales department and a subject line to signal the subject of his inquiry. Having chosen a direct plan for the letter’s content, the original author should state his request in the first sentence and follows up with specific questions and details to help the reader respond.

Responding to Inquiries
To promote goodwill and sales, Chinese Translation specialists encourage that companies keep their responses to potential international clients about products and services  prompt and cordial. Often, companies successfully use form letters to answer general inquiries. In some cases a form letter: or, for that matter, a personal letter that doesn’t answer all of the prospective customer’s questions does little to retain goodwill. If customers can’t get specific answers, they will turn elsewhere for both the answers and the product.

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