More Translated Collection Letter Examples For The Final Stage

When you write an ultimatum letter that is targeted to a non-English speaking client, experienced Houston Translation Services employees advise their clients that the tone should be firm, yet restrained and reasonable.  Show the reasonableness of the claim by reviewing the facts leading up to the ultimatum.  For example, note the items(s) and date(s) of purchase, review the series of letters sent and explain the consequences of non-payment.  Your tone might suggest your reluctance to take drastic action, but it should also indicate that you are prepared to do so.

Here is a letter written for a client by The Marketing Analysts Translation Company.  The collection letter contains a log of the attempts that they have made to collect the amount due and makes a reasonable plea without making a personal attempt.

Five months have passed, Mr. Aleksandrov, since we shipped you a Sharp Color Copier.  In terms of interest alone, the $2,600 you owe would have earned you $88.67.  But more importantly, the money you owe could have been used to buy more inventories.

Let’s review the facts.  On January 16, we shipped your order for the copier.  Your first payment was due by February 15.    When we didn’t receive your payment by February 20, we sent you a reminder.  Since then we’ve sent you seven letters requesting payment.  You’ve ignore each of them.

Our patience is exhausted.  As a businessperson, you know we could not stay in business long if we did not enforce your right to payment.  Therefore, unless we receive your payment by June 22, we will have no choice but to report you to the Houston, Texas Credit Bureau and begin legal proceedings.

Such actions will be costly to you not only in terms of legal fees, but also in terms of loss business, since your ability to buy on credit will diminish greatly.  We would prefer not to begin legal action against you, but we will have no alternative unless you send your check for $10,600 by June 22.

According to many translation companies, corporations are often reluctant to begin legal proceedings against debtors because such actions cause resentment and unfavorable publicity and are expensive and time consuming.  A strong, effective letter of ultimatum still can save money and goodwill.

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