Part III: Request for Favors

Creating Interest

Having gained your reader’s attention, hold it by creating interest and showing that your request is worthwhile.  For best practice, Boston French Translation workers recommend that you employ a number of useful strategies for gaining reader interest: (1) Use the word “You” throughout and focus on the reader’s concerns.  (2) Make sure to choose a topic that is interesting to the reader.  (3) Keep the interest of the reader by emphasizing a direct benefit (4) Imply other benefits.  (5) Delay the request until the request until the reader’s interest is high.

Offering Proof (or justifying your request)

To prove the legitimacy of your request, anticipate questions and objections.  One outline that is suggested by The Marketing Analysts Translations is to open with points the manager can agree to; point out the benefits; include facts; explain the nature of the letter; show the reasonableness of the request; demonstrate the company’s experience and expertise; delay the request until evidence has been presented; and confident as the reader to act.

Requesting a Favor from a Speaker

When you’re writing a persuasive request inviting a speaker to your meeting, include special details to encourage acceptance.  Many Philadelphia Translation Services recommend that you describe the audience, other speakers, equipment available (overhead, opaque, or video projector), the size of the conference or lecture hall, and the entire time allocated for the talk.  Whenever possible, use these details as additional benefits.  For instance, mentioning other well-known speakers might persuade your reader to attend because of the prestige of being included.

Persuading Your Reader To Act

After gaining attention, creating interest and offering proof, ask your reader to act.  Avoid apologies, such as, “If you can kindly find the time…” Instead, be positive: “Please complete the survey and mail it in the enclosed envelope,” or “I would greatly appreciate your completing the survey and mailing it in the enclosed envelope.”

Be sure to give enough information to act upon your request.  If you’re asking someone to address a trade symposium, explain how the speaker can confirm and who to notify.

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