Some Ways Translation Workers Overcome Morning Stress

Mornings can be the most stressful part of the day for new Russian translation workers, if we fail to properly plan their time. Most people, especially women not only have to dress, put some make up on and rush to work, but also to make breakfast for the family, walk the pet, send children to school. So how can we curb the morning stress? We asked a group of Japanese translation Boston Agency workers and here below we have summarized their answers.

First, prepare as much as possible the evening before. Iron your clothes, find your keys, and make breakfast, if appropriate. All this will take you no more than 20 minutes but will save you part of the rush in the morning.

Second, sleep well and wake up 30 minutes earlier. No coffee in the afternoon, no TV at least 30 minutes before going to bed. Good sleep is essential to feel good. Then, the extra 30 minutes in the morning is the difference between harmony and calm crazy ride. If you go to bed on time, waking up half an hour earlier would seem natural after a few days.

Third, drink a glass of water the first thing after you wake up. It is important to be well hydrated, because otherwise you make your heart to work twice as much as the blood thickens as a result of even mild dehydration. In the morning your body needs water. The more, the better.
Fourth, wake up your body, make your blood move. Put a towel on the floor and stretch, make some squat jumps and so on.
Fifth, listen to some music. The questioned Chicago Chinese Translation Agency workers believe, that music has positive, motivating effect on the brain.

Sixth, bring order to your life and home. Arrange things so that you always know where they are. And each time leave things where they belong.
And last, but not least – do not forget that life is short. So – make sure every day to do something you enjoy. The only thought of it will make you smile.

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