The Right Format For An Effective Translation And Excellent Results

As mentioned in the previous blog post, Washington D.C. Translation companies suggest that collection strategies, terminology and the number of letters included in the series differ slightly among companies with large foreign language speaking client bases and along the ethnic groups being targeted.  Typically, though, they follow the procedures outline here.

Reminder.  Chinese Translation Houston workers at The Marketing Analysts Translation Company define reminders as direct requests sent shortly after an account becomes delinquent.  Usually, the first and second reminders are brief statements stamped or written on the due bill.  Typically statements include: Past Due; Please Remit; Have you forgotten us; Second notice; and We missed your payment last month—won’t you please send it today.

At this first stage, no persuasion appeals are needed. Instead, Chicago Translation German companies often remind customers of the overdue payment.  In the following reminders, note the friendly, courteous toe and emphasize on resale.

Example 1:

Dear Ms. Santos:

We’ve missed hearing from you for the past two months.  Since it’s easy to overlook notices during the hectic summer months, we’re sending you this reminder that $88.92 is past due.  Won’t you please mail it today in the enclosed envelope?

Or, if you prefer, come in for a visit, pay what’s due and tae advantage of our fall sale on English tweeds and linens.

Example 2:

Dear Mr. Bosque:

The High Bush Blueberry plants in March should be blooming  about now.  And you can look forward to some delicious blueberries by July.

Since the trial period has been over for 46 days, we’re looking forward to your overdue payment of $66.31.  Won’t you please call our toll free number and make a credit card payment now?

And while you’re at it, why not tae a look at the enclosed brochures?  We’re having a special on our sturdy Swansea rhubarb plants and Ultra raspberry bushes.  Both are excellent values and will add to your eating pleasure.  Simply send your order and past due payment in the enclosed envelope.

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