Translating Collection Letters For The Urgency Stage

Following from a previous discussion, if your collection efforts reach the Urgency Stage, The Marketing Analysts Translation Company recommends that companies adopt similar strategies to write their non-English speaking clients.  When these letters are translated into the language of your client, they can become very powerful tools.

Dear Ms. Bachmeier:

For six years now, Ms. Bachmeier, you have been a valued client. During that time, your credit limit with us has increased from $400 to $1,200.  And during that same period, we’ve given you five favorable credit references.

You can be justifiably proud of such an excellent credit rating.  You’ve worked hard to earn it.  Unfortunately, your rating is in jeopardy because your balance of $926.34 is four months overdue.  Unless we’ve received your check within five days, we’ll be forced to report you to the Northampton Credit Bureau and to our collection agent.

Neither of us will benefit from such reports.  We will lose a valued customer, and your will lose a rating you’ve spent years building.  Why not be fair to yourself and us?

Please send your check today for $923.34 and retain your excellent credit rating.

Yours truly,

Frank Kowalski
Executive Vice President

The executive vice president of the company that sent this letter signed this letter to stimulate payment.  Earlier letters to Ms. Bachmeier were signed by someone in the credit department.  Rather than appeal to fear, many Washington D.C. translators suggest that the letter writer chose a softer tone and appeals t pride and self-interest, since the addressee’s credit history is excellent.

In the next letter, the letter writer appeals to fear because the addressee is a poor credit risk.  In his case, the collection department skipped the inquiry stage, going directly from reminders to an urgent letter.

Ultimatum.   If a debtor fails to respond to your letter of urgency, send an ultimatum.  Stress that the debt must be paid voluntarily or by force.  Most legal translation workers in New York recommend that their business clients make it clear that they intend to seek legal action, and outline the procedures you plan to follow (e.g., attorney, collection agency, court) to enforce your claim.

A Collection Letter: Urgency Stage

Dear Mr. Russo:

When we shipped you the radial-arm router four months ago, Mr. Russo, we did so in good faith.  And we expected you to act in good faith by paying us within 30-days.

But you’ve ignored our reminders for payment.  Therefore, unless we receive your payment for $738.69 within seven days, we will be forced to turn your account over to our attorneys.  You can avoid this action by coming in within five days and signing a 60-day promissory note at 16-percent interest.

Choose whichever option is best for you.  Mr. Barnes, but you must act now to avoid the loss of credit and the expense of litigation.

Yours truly,

Thomas Moreno
General Sales Manager

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