What Is Communication and Why Is It Important?

According to French Translation Philadelphia workers, the term communication comes from the Latin term, communicare, which means to share, to hold or have something in common. A similar Latin term, communion or communion, in English, signifies the fellowship or holding something in common. Therefore, from historical times, communication and similarly related terms which include commune, communion and communicant have suggested the act of sharing, partaking, exchanging, and holding something in common. Organizational communication is the exchange of important thoughts or messages that fulfill your clients’ information requirements, that ensure an accurate interpretation of the meaning that you seek to project, that permit clients to exchange facts and details with your team.

Nowadays, this requirement to exchange details or hold in common has achieved massive proportions in the global business world. For instance, one St. Louis Translation Services company found that in 1983, for instance, the brokerage firm Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb estimated that United States businesses generated 600-million pages of computer output, 235 million photocopies and 76 million letters – every working day. Add that volume to the estimated 76 trillion pages on file and you begin to see the scope of business communication in the 1980’s.

Communication is essential to all organizations. Externally, a business cannot survive if it does not communicate effectively and efficiently. Clients will shop around and perhaps leave you if they are unable to have their jobs completed accurately and on-time, or if perhaps deal with the inefficiencies of lost time in the deciphering of messages.

Internally, a business will fail if its employees receive confusing memos, reports, instructions or other messages. By hiring a proven Chinese Boston Translation company, you can avoid having a misinterpreted memo can create costly delays, a poorly written report can lead to someone’s wrong decision, and confusing instructions can cause injury, the destruction of expensive equipment or products or the loss of an important account.

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