Writing Persuasion and Persuasive Requests For International Readers

Persuasion is the act of gaining support or eliciting specific action.   Synonyms for persuade include prevail, induce, win over, urge, bring around, convince, talk into and prompt.

How global businesses use persuasion in their communication is very important and should carefully considered.  It’s recommended that a translator or a company like The Marketing Analysts Translations review each letter prior to sending it.

Persuasion takes many forms in business correspondence.  Sales letters, for example, try to persuade readers to buy products, use services, call sales representatives or send for information.  Cover letters and resumes try to persuade employers to hire.  Proposals try to persuade decision makers that one plan is better than another.  Or, an internal memorandum might be circulated to persuade employees to give to the United Way campaign.  Regardless of the category, persuasive messages always are designed to stimulate some particular action.

This week, a team of workers from the Chinese Translation Chicago Company will be focusing on four types of persuasive requests in use in global business: (1) requests for favors (2) requests for adjustments (persuasive claim letters), (3) requests for payments (collection letters) and (4) requests for permission to implement new ideas.

When your goal is to persuade, follow this the organization plan provided legal translators.

  1. Get your audience’s attention and interest.
  2. Explain the purpose of the request.
  3. Show that the request is worthwhile.
  4. Persuade your audience to take particular action.

Delay your request until you have gained interest and explained your purpose.

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