Office Automation Efficiency In The Language Translation Industry

Benefits from office automation in Miami Translation companies may be measured in terms of increased efficiency and effectiveness of the project managers and translation workers, who represents, on the average, 65 percent of a translation company’s work force. Cost reductions are the result of time-saving processes, staff reductions, and an increased output per individual. Effectiveness is the degree to which needs are met. That is, doing the right things well.

Savings to the certified translation company from automated systems are conservatively estimated to be two additional hours per day. If the typical translation worker or project manager is paid an average of $25 per hour, the potential “value added’ to the individual’s performance is more than $1000 per month.

The work of the project manager and professional translation staff consists of the following processes: planning, monitoring, coordinating, decision making, budgeting, and directing. Each of these processes require the following activities: retrieving, organizing, analyzing, transforming, communicating, and filing. Successful automation of some significant portion of these activities will result in improved productivity.

The following criteria may be considered when measuring the benefits of applications such as text preparation, document filing and retrieval, document transfer, messaging, and graphics generation.

The application is justified if it results in:

• Better decisions
• Higher quality work
• Quicker decision making
• Reduced dependence on organization functions
• Fewer cumbersome procedures
• Better morale
• Improved customer service
• More control over events
• More timely communications

The following list can be used to identify tangible improvements, measurable in dollars saved:

• Decreased travel needs
• Fewer meetings
• Fewer phone calls
• Elimination of redundant tasks
• Staff reductions

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