The Function Of The Condensed Report

A condensed report’s purpose is to communicate objectively and precisely.  Several examples of condensed reports that Houston Translation Services workers are familiar with include the letter report, the memorandum, the prepared-form report; or one of a variety of other miscellaneous forms that fit into none of the first three categories.

On the job, workers must communicate with speed and precision. As a Dallas Translation Service worker, success may well depend on your skill in sharing useful information with colleagues and superiors. Here are some of the kinds of reports you might write on any workday • a requisition for parts and equipment

  • a proposal outlining reasons and suggesting plans for a new project
  • a brief set of instructions for one or more colleagues
  • a cost estimate for planning, materials, and labor on a new project
  • a report of your progress on a specific assignment
  • an hourly or daily account of your work activities
  • a voucher detailing your travel expenses
  • a report of your inspection of a site, item, or process
  • a statement of reasons for equipment malfunction or failure to meet a deadline
  • a record of a meeting’s minutes
  • a memo describing a change in company personnel policy (vacation time, promotions, etc.)
  • a report of your survey to select the best prices, materials, equipment, or service among competing firms

Whether you report your data in a letter or memo, on a prepared form, or in some miscellaneous form, will depend on your purpose and audience.  Quite possibly, the same information you cast in a memo to a superior will be incorporated in a letter to a client.

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