Why Are The Translators Watching the Fish?

The New York Aquarium with a wide variety of penguins, seals, and assorted finny friends, receives about a million visitors a year and is one of the region’s most-visited attractions. Serving both international and domestic tourists and the local community, the aquarium knows that it must cater to a wide variety of languages.  As part of their strategy to provide multilingual attractions and services, the aquarium works with a variety of translation companies including the New York City French Translation company.

One way that the aquarium uses these translation services is through the use of marketing research in devising advertising strategies and special programs to best suit these diverse groups. In conjunction with a Raleigh translation services firm, the aquarium uses visitor interviews and statistical processing software to analyze visitor demographics and service-usage patterns because, in the words of their marketing director Susan Hayes, “We want to better understand for what our visitors seeks at various times throughout the year. This will allow the aquarium plan special events, programs, and exhibit openings…. It provides the opportunity for us to take the guesswork ou of our strategic planning.” As stated by one of the general managers, “The aquarium needs to identify the most effective ways of allocating its funding and other resources. For instance, if there is a large difference between the audiences which attend on weekends vs. weekdays, and the goal is to increase weekend attendance, then advertising can be targeted at the characteristics of weekend audiences.

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