Writing Reports For International Business Leaders

Translation workers, such as Howard Jennings, an Atlanta Translation Service consultant, are often requested to write or translate reports that present concepts, facts and ideas to decision makers. According to Jennings, “Throughout history, people have used reports for many different purposes.”  Cavemen created reports to describe the optimal hunting areas; generals made us of reports to define the strengths and weaknesses of opposing armies; immigrants came to America after hearing reports about new opportunities. In these examples and countless others, strategic choices were made based on the data contained in reports. In the modern world of business, managers often rely on reports produced by translation workers.  Some examples of reports produced by San Francisco Translation services workers include international weather reports, foreign credit reports, criminal background checks, financial asset and liquidity reports, public policy reports, and import tariff reports before managers make such decisions as investing in a new warehouse in Shanghai, hosting a sales meeting in Syria or opening a new distribution facility in Iran that will service the entire middle east.  And when manager make a poor decision based on erroneous information contained in a report, they become more discerning about whose reports they will take seriously.

In international business, executives, managers, and supervisors often base strategic decisions on research reports. For every long report, countless short reports, often prepared by language translators are presented to help international business people make informed decisions on matters as diverse as the best color of packaging to use or the right gift to give to a foreign diplomat in China.

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