Writing Summaries For International Business

A summary is a short version of a longer message.  The summary provides your international readers with a concise and accurate view of the entire original.  An economical way to communicate, summaries save time, space and energy.

Purpose of Summaries

On the job, mangers involved in international business have to write confidently about their work.  Perhaps as a Houston Translation worker, you will translate minutes of a meeting; summarize a lecture, news article or report: or describe your client’s progress on a matter related to the petroleum industry.  Or you might write proposals for new project, bids for contracts or summaries of your research.  Also you will include summaries and abstracts with your long reports.  A routine assignment for a new employee in many organizations is to provide decision-making superiors with summaries for the latest literature in the field.

Overseas executives who receive large numbers of reports and proposals often complain about the lack of effective summaries that their co-workers give them.  They need to identify the major ideas and significant concepts quickly so that their Washington D.C. Translation workers can act on them.  They simply do not have time to peruse each report thoroughly.  After all, some reports and proposals can run to a hundred pages or more.  Similarly, reports reach many people within an organization who have different informational needs.  Without an effective summary, they must waste time poring over a report to see whether it’s a value to them.

Whether you summarize someone else’s information or your own, your job is to communicate the essential message—to represent the full scope and detail of important material accurately in the fewest words.  The principal is simple: Include what your readers need; omit what they don’t.  The essential message in a well-written piece is easy enough to identify.

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