Examining Your Client’s Target Audience

When you feel certain that you have a concrete and apparent purpose, it’s recommended that you spend some additional time researching the expected target audience. Here are a few questions that senior Houston Translation Services workers ask: Who will be the target, what are their positions, and what does the target audience want to find out? The responses to these queries reveal important information concerning the content you should address and the best method to present it.

Creating An Audience Description
In case you are contacting a person you or your client knows, it might be a manager in another country or an employee of with a parts supplier, the audience description will be fairly simple. However, in the case your target audience is composed of a crowd of unknown people, you or your client will be required to do some research and apply good judgment to predict their questions.

What is the quantity and makeup of the target audience?
Larger audiences always respond differently than smaller audiences and demand a number of different communication strategies. As an example, if Carrie Clark, a Tampa Certified Translation worker, was delivering a presentation to 400 managers, she will need to restrict the level of audience engagement; answering questions from such a massive audience might become disorderly and unmanageable. If she were composing an article for mass circulation, she could decide on a more conventional approach, design, and structure than she would if the article were targeted at just a few individuals on her team.

At the same time, the bigger the target audience, the greater the variety of educational levels, statuses, and attitudes is likely to be. This implies that professional translators must seek the common denominators that connect the target audience together. Simultaneously, you need to address the specific issues that are important to the audience. The director of sales wants different details regarding the topic than the director of operations or finance wants. You should combine a number of facts that draw from each member of the audience’s particular area of interest.

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