Fulfilling The Translation Recipient’s Practical Needs

A lot of international business communications are targeted at individuals who happen to be in business-clients, distributors, or co-workers. No matter where these individuals are living and are employed or what type of work they perform, they will almost certainly receive your translated message under distracting conditions. The latest data on managerial behavior reveals how disorderly a manager’s day in international business is:

  • First-level managers take part in a minimum of 190 individual functions or events during the day.
  • The majority of functions are quite short. A survey of managers reveals 1 task each minute.
  • A different survey of CEO’s and presidents found that intervals of office work averaged 5 or 12 minutes each.
  • Reacting to a message is a small, regular portion of a manager’s day, consuming fewer than 5% of his time.
  • Nearly all professionals respond to as little as 30% of the messages they get.

As an Atlanta Translation worker, a lot of people who will receive your translated message have little time to digest and respond to it.  As a result, you need to design your translation to be straightforward and simple to understand. Make an effort to reduce wordiness, eliminate redundancy and be brief. Typically speaking, a 5-minute discussion is less complicated to focus on than a 30-minute speech, a 3-paragraph letter is far more convenient to read than a two page letter, and a two-page memo is more likely to be read than an 8-page analysis. When your translated message must be lengthy, simplify it as much as possible so that the reader can pick it up and put it down multiple times without getting lost. For instance, one Houston translation worker suggest that translators start with a summary of essential points, employ lots of titles and subtitles, place essential details in bullet format to ensure that they will stand out, put less significant details in individual enclosures or appendixes, and utilize graphs to illustrate key facts.

In case you happen to be providing an oral translation of the message, you’ll want to present listeners a summary of the message’s framework and then convey your ideas clearly and rationally. You can also utilize graphs, PowerPoint sides, or handouts to assist listeners in comprehending and recalling main points.

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