How Professional Translators Develop A Main Idea For A Presentation

As a translator, once you have assessed your client’s purpose and target audience, you are prepared to answer the primary concern of tackling the purpose: What message is ideally suited for this specific target audience? One translator who specializes in providing  Vietnamese Translation in Houston believes that professional communication can be reduced to a primary idea, irrespective of the issue’s sophistication. A fundamental concept covers everything, which is the theme, your primary idea. The remainder of the message either backs up this idea or illustrates its ramifications.

The topic and the main idea are not the same things. As consultants providing French Translation in New York City explain, “The topic is the wide-ranging subject of the communication. The main idea makes an assertion regarding the topic-one of several feasible statements-describing your objective in words that the target audience can acknowledge.” It must inspire individuals to take the action desired by your client by connecting his objective with their objective. If you’re working on a translation of a short e-mail message, memo, or presentation, the main idea might be relatively clear, particularly if you happen to be translating uncomplicated details that contain no emotional matter for the target audience. In these instances, the main idea could be simply “This is what you needed.”

Locating the “attraction” or “lure” gets to be a somewhat more difficult if you find yourself attempting to sway an individual or when you have unsatisfactory facts to share. During these scenarios, certified translation workers need to find a main idea which will build a positive connection between your client and his intended audience. What you’re wanting is to reach an agreement or establish a point of shared interest.

In lengthier documents and presentations, in which a significant volume of content must be compiled, developing a main idea can be quite difficult. You must determine a generalization that takes into account each of the specific points you need to make. In difficult projects such as these, translators or clients typically use careful procedures to develop the main idea.

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