Minimizing Noise In Translation and Interpretation

Some of the most carefully translated messages and reports are unsuccessful in generating the anticipated results because they never reach the intended recipient. French Translation NYC experts recommend that translators should place as much emphasis as possible in trying to diminish all conceivable sources of disturbance that exist between the translated message and your client’s intended recipient. The most critical factor involved in getting the translation to the intended recipient frequently rests with choice of communication channels and media. You are strongly advised to select the method that will be most effective in attracting the recipient’s attention and enabling the recipient to focus completely on the translated communication.

If a typed letter or report appears to be the optimal approach, take time to come up with an aethetically attractive and simple to understand design. Miami Translation workers recommend that translation workers employ a format that is convenient and pay careful attention to the choice of paper and font style of the type. If you’re able to, present the translated document when you are sure that the intended recipient will have time to thoroughly review it.You can apply the same recommendations for e-mail too.

If the translation calls for oral delivery, attempt to remove environmental distractions. The delivery destination needs to be calming and hushed, with appropriate lighting, good acoustics, and few visual disruptions. Additionally, you should consider the way your own appearance will affect the intended audience. Clothing that shouts for attention produces as much distraction as people in a crowded hallway. One additional method used to reduce disturbance, especially in verbal communication, is to deliver your message directly to the intended recipient. The more people who filter your message, the greater the potential for distortion.

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