The amount of written communication tends to be larger in big companies than in small companies, but all businesses are generally worried about controlling and minimizing costs while maximizing the positive aspects of their communication strategies. To a large degree, businesses assume that supervisors will regulate communication activities. A number of the steps that supervisors normally take include reducing the amount of messages being created, lowering the reliance on external translation companies, making  projects and instructions simpler,delegating communication accountability, and making copy writers and presenters more effective at their positions.

Reduce the number of messages
Generating just a single-page message requires time and assets, therefore, the business needs to be concerned withthe amount of messages it produces. The expense grows even higher when a translator must be retained to translate and certify it.  Based in recent estimates, the typical cost of e-mailing a business message is over $20 despite the fact that the typical business message only contains 200 words.

If a message must really be put in writing, an e-mail message or letter is an economical choice. But when an e-mail message or letter simply increases information overload, the message is usually better left unsent or managed by telephone or face-to-face conversation.

Inside the business, lots of memorandums tend to be unnecessary, and lots of conferences and group meetings end up being a waste of productive time. Consequently even this sort of communication needs to be assessed. How much time does the message need to take? Should it be presented on the phone? Is a Washington D.C. Legal Translation really necessary?  Can the responseto an issue presented in a memo just be written onto the original memo or typed in the original e-mail? What number of duplicate copies of the message must be produced? What number of  duplicate copies should be filed? Can the material be condensed or presented in a standardized report, for example a sales report? An economical solution to queries such as these can reduce costs and improve profitability.

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