The Criteria For A Powerful Proposal

Foreign readers will evaluate your proposal according to how clearly the author answers their questions about what, why, how, when and how much and how clearly the translator translates the material. An effective proposal is clear, informative, and realistic and conforms to the following guidelines.

An experienced Tampa Translation worker may format a short proposal into a letter or memo format depending on whether they are internal or external.  Longer memos or letters, however, are more easily read if headings are used. Sometimes authors even include appendices for support material (maps, blueprints, specifications, calculations, and so on) that would interrupt the text.  Therefore, as a translation worker who is occasionally asked to translate proposals, you should be familiar with using applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator and other image editing applications.

While short proposals will serve many purposes, some projects call for a long format design. And different readers inside and outside your organization will be interested in different parts of your proposal: some need only a summary; others already know about the problem and will want only your plan; others want all the details. Or perhaps the company requesting proposals will specify a certain format and supplements. Such cases may call for a long proposal that, like the formal report, has various supplements. A number of Philadelphia translation services workers realize that an abstract consisting of a statement of the problem and causes, a description of proposed solutions, and an assessment of the plan’s feasibility is particularly important to nontechnical readers.

Since the decision makers are busy executives who appreciate clarity, a proposal should start with a title that is absolutely clear about the intent.  If your client is submitting a proposal concerning improvements to a canal system in Angola, the heading shouldn’t be “Recommended Improvements”.  Instead, make the recommendation that your client use “Recommended Canal System Improvements.”  Portland translation services workers suggest that the goal should be to come up with specific titles that represent the specifics of a detailed proposal.

Design your proposal to reflect your attention to detail. A hastily typed and assembled proposal suggests to readers the writer’s careless attitude toward the project in general. Avoid, however, any “decorations,” such as flashy covers, colored paper, or catchy titles. Keep layout, typeface, and bindings conservative and tasteful.

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