Why Good Organization Is Important

You might be asking yourself, “Does organization really matter? Who cares whether a message is well organized, as long as the point is eventually made? Why not just let ideas flow naturally and trust that the audience will grasp my meaning?” In general, the answer is simple: According to¬†Washington D.C. translators, by arranging your ideas logically and diplomatically, you are able to satisfy the audience’s informational, motivational, and practical needs. A well-organized message presents all the required information in a convincing pattern, with maximum efficiency.

Achieving good organization is a challenge sometimes. It’s easier, however, if you know what good organization is. These four guidelines will help you recognize a well-organized message:

  • The subject and purpose must be clear.
  • All the information must be related to the subject and purpose.
  • The ideas must be grouped and presented in a logical way.
  • All necessary information must be included.

A well-organized message helps the audience understand the message, helps the audience accept the message, saves the audience’s time, and simplifies the communicator’s job.

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