Writing and Translating Sales Proposals

The international sales proposal is typically used to address clients in foreign markets and offers them a service or product. The international sales proposals may be solicited or unsolicited. When a foreign firm solicits proposals, several firms may be competing with your company. Because international  sales proposals are addressed to readers outside your organization, many times Houston Translation Services workers will cast them as letters, if they are brief. Long sales proposals, however, are formal documents with supplements – cover letter, title page, table of contents, and so on.

An international sales proposal, generally considered a sales tool by Washington D.C. Translation workers, will be successful if it answers one of these questions: ( l) How will you serve our needs better than your competitors? or (2) Why should we hire you over someone else?

The following sales proposal offers a service to a company that had solicited proposals. Suppose you are a Miami French Translator who is hired hired to translate a proposal for a client who is competing with other companies throughout the world, the body of the proposal describes why their equipment and personnel are best for the job, how the job can best be completed, what the qualifications are for getting the job done, and how much the job will cost. He will be legally bound by his estimate, so he points out possible causes of increased costs to protect himself. In your sales proposals, don’t underestimate costs by overlooking variables – a sure way to lose money.

The client’s introduction describes the subject and purpose of the proposal. The conclusion reinforces the confident tone throughout and encourages reader acceptance by ending with – and thus emphasizing – two key words: “economically” and “efficiently.”

International research proposals are primarily written for planning, research, and sales related applications. A research proposal, for instance, may solicit funds for a study that will lead to a planning proposal The architectural proposal partially is a combined planning and sales proposal: If clients accept the writer’s preliminary plan, they will hire the firm to design the new ski lodge facilities.

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