Writing And Translating The Conclusion Of A Proposal

In previous blog posts we have covered the three main parts of a proposal that include the introduction, the body and the conclusion.  In addition, we have provided a recommended outline for writer and translators.  In the last section, a Houston Translation expert in the area of translating proposals will discuss the conclusion.  The conclusion restates the need for the project and persuades readers to act.  It answers the questions readers will ask:

• How badly do we need this change?
• Why should we accept your proposal?
• How do we know this is the best plan?

It is advised that translators conclude their proposals on a strong note that is assertive, confident, and encouraging.  As a final word of advice, translation workers should ensure that the conclusion is kept short

In some instances, particularly when the proposal is lengthy and begins with a comprehensive abstract, translators can skip the conclusion. When a few lines or short paragraphs can answer the readers’ questions in each section, a short proposal will suffice, but a complex plan calls for a long, formal proposal. The following section illustrates a formal proposal accompanied by all necessary supplements.

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