Writing Research And Grant Proposals For Translators In Cultural Studies

Research or grant proposals request approval, and often funding, for a research project. A sociologist or cultural studies graduate with experience in a local Chicago translation agency, for instance, might submit a research proposal to the World Bank, government agency or policy institute for funds to study hygiene or dietary practices in developing nations.

Business, industry, and numerous federal and private agencies frequently solicit research proposals from experienced Miami translation companies to conduct research in a foreign country. Each granting agency has its own requirements for the format and content of proposals, but any successful research proposal answers these central questions:

o Why is this project worthwhile?

o What qualifies you to undertake the project?

o What are its chances of success?

A graduate student in Cultural Studies might submit an informal proposal requesting the instructor’s approval of a term project, which, in turn, may be a formal proposal. The introduction of the following proposal describes the background of the problem and justifies the need for the study. The body outlines the scope, method, and sources for the proposed investigation. The conclusion describes the goal of the investigation and encourages reader support.

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