Emphasize The Positive

An excellent approach for demonstrating empathy towards your audience is to stress the positive aspects of the information. Center the focus on the silver lining, not the thunderstorm. As an example, Martin Ramirez, a certified Miami translator might choose to concentrate on what the corporation is capable of doing for prospective customers, and not on why their approach to terminations is so awful. Almost all data, including disastrous accounts, features some redeeming attributes. If you’re able to inform the audience about the details, the audience will be more inclined to accept it.

In case you are attempting to convince the audience to purchase an item, pay off a debt, or provide a service, highlight how they will benefit. You should not emphasize the reason why you need them to take action. As one Chicago German translator recommends, rather than stating, “Please purchase this television so I can attain my sales goal for the week,” say, “The picture on this television will make you the envy of your neighborhood.” Rather than stating, “We really need your contribution to fund The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals,” say, “You can help prevent the cruel treatment towards animals and help the animals in my community live happy, healthy lives.” Someone who sees the chance for personal benefit is much more prone to respond favorably to your appeal.

As a rule, make an effort to express your message without employing phrases that could injure or upset the audience. Rather than marketing “inexpensive” Washington D.C. translation services, publicize your everyday low prices. Never mention acne, instead refer to complexion or blemish issues. It’s possible to be truthful without having to be harsh. Mild phrases will never impact the truth, however the can make the truth more acceptable.

At the same time, remember to not go overboard with euphemisms. When you are too delicate, people will never understand what you’re saying. “Reclassifying” a person to “professionally available status” rather than letting them know they have been terminated and are eligible for unemployment is simply not very informative. When seeking to reduce the blow of bad news, don’t attempt to disguise the truth.

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